Do you want to find the best crypto IRA? Traditional individual retirement accounts are an excellent way to ensure financial security in the future. However, as new events continue to intensify market volatility, many investors are trying to diversify their IRAs with investment options such as Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and other cryptos.

Bitcoin is a digital asset, thus crypto IRAs require specialist management, data protection, and trading knowledge. In this blog, we evaluated some best crypto IRAs based on expert knowledge, security, insight, fees, and other factors. We will teach you how to invest in cryptos and set up a cryptocurrency ira. We'll also give you some tips on how to get the most out of your investments. Our top picks are listed below.

Understanding Cryptocurrency IRAs

What exactly is a Crypto IRA? A cryptocurrency IRA is a kind of retirement account that lets you invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Cryptocurrency IRAs have grown in popularity in recent years as more people seek alternative assets to traditional stocks and bonds.

There are several types of cryptocurrency IRAs, but they all work in the same way. You can open a crypto IRA account with a traditional IRA provider or with a self-directed IRA provider, such as BitIRA.

Keeping Bitcoin in Individual Retirement Accounts is favourable for those who are not afraid of taking risks, though volatility is not a major issue these days as long as you take the necessary measures.

When you have cryptocurrency investment and trading advice, self-directed IRAs are the best option. Otherwise, search for those who offer crypto trading and IRA investment advice and support.

You have control over your investment choices with a self-directed IRA. A traditional IRA allows you to invest in a broader range of assets. Moreover, you may be able to grow your account more quickly.

How do Bitcoin IRAs work?

Bitcoin IRAs function similarly to traditional IRAs in that they allow you to invest in a variety of assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, there are some obvious differences between Bitcoin IRAs and traditional IRAs. For example, Traditional IRAs are subject to different government regulations, whereas Bitcoin IRAs are not. This means you have greater flexibility when it comes to investing in a Bitcoin IRA.

Traditional IRAs typically invest in assets backed by the government, such as stocks and bonds. Bitcoin IRAs, on the other hand, invest in non-government-backed assets such as cryptocurrency. This means that investing in a Bitcoin IRA carries a higher level of risk. However, it also implies that there is the possibility of greater rewards.

How do I set up a self-directed IRA?

The best way to create a self-directed IRA is to start with a company that specializes in this account type. After that, you need to fund your account with cash or assets. Lastly, you have to put your IRA money into approved cryptocurrencies.

Review for The Best crypto IRA Companies for 2022

Bitcoin IRA, established in 2016, is the world's first and best crypto IRA provider. It is also the largest crypto IRA provider, allowing individuals to invest in bitcoin through their retirement accounts. Over 100,000 customers use Bitcoin IRA to invest in digital currency through a retirement account.


  • Video, e-books, webinars and more in the knowledge centre

  • Simple setup and trading

  • Safe offline asset storage

  • Exceptional protection for digital assets

  • Insurance coverage of up to $700 million

  • Safe IRA custodians and exchanges


  • Pricey setup and maintenance charges

Bitcoin ira - Best Crypto IRA

It's the best Bitcoin IRA provider overall because it offers 24/7 trading, secure cold storage, and $700 million of insurance protection. The platform also provides 256-bit encrypted SSL trading, separate cold storage accounts for digital assets, and digital asset insurance.

Since 2016, Bitcoin IRA has processed over $1.5 billion in transactions. Gold can be purchased alongside crypto assets by investors.

The platform of Bitcoin IRA is simple to use and combines cutting-edge technology, excellent reliability, and a human touch. Clients can trade and transfer funds to a multi-signature BitGo wallet, and call IRA experts directly.

Bitcoin IRA company costs a custodian fee, a security fee, and a one-time service fee. Potential investors need to contact customer care for specific numbers.

Bitcoin IRA supports 60 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Litecoin. The minimum to start a conventional account is $3,000, but the firm provides a Saver IRA with a $100 initial deposit and $100 monthly investments through a connected bank account.

BitIRA is the best crypto IRA for security because it provides Bitcoin IRAs with dollar-for-dollar insurance coverage for crypto assets. Also, a great offline cold storage of private keys.


  • IRA digital assets have multilayer security

  • Specialists in digital currency IRAs

  • Works with Equity Trust and Preferred Trust

  • Offline-stored digital assets

  • Digital asset insurance

  • Multi-encryption transactions


  • Accounts must be opened with a digital currency expert

BitIRA - Best Crypto IRA

Though only founded in 2017, BitIRA has earned a good reputation by offering the highest protection levels for crypto transactions and storage. It is also backed up by unlimited insurance coverage.

BitIRA offers seven digital currency choices for Bitcoin IRAs. Birch Gold Group launched BitIRA to diversify retirement investments. These both firms have over a decade of alternative asset experience.

BitIRA's in-house IRA department manages everything from rollover to trading in your new account. The team helps clients analyze and buy currencies. BitIRA protects IRAs with five security levels.

BitIRA uses multi-encryption encoding to protect online transactions. Once finished, transactions are relocated to offline physical keys in grade-5 nuclear bunkers. These are guarded 24/7 by armed security and computer security professionals.

The company offers a $1 million customer protection insurance plan against fraud or theft. BitIRA requires a $5,000 minimum investment and a digital currency professional to open an account. Clients can invest and trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.

iTrustCapital offers the best crypto IRA with a low fee to buy and sell gold and cryptos as an investment. Clients trade in a retirement account 24/7 in real-time. iTrustCapital offers a low-cost digital wallet and secure investment storage.


  • Fees are posted on the website

  • There are no storage fees

  • Low account/trading fees

  • The initial deposit is $1,000

  • 24-hour trading


  • Staff lacks financial advisors

  • Limited cryptos available

iTrustCapital - Best Crypto IRA

iTrustCapital has the lowest service and trade fees we've noticed, putting it in first place for the best rates and fees. iTrustCapital charges just 1% per transaction to trade cryptocurrencies, compared to 15%. There's no monthly fee, initial purchase fee, broker fee, or scaling based on asset size. Also, new users get $100 in Bitcoin once they fund their accounts.

iTrustCapital's 24-hour transaction service enables consumers to trade in 29 cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS, at any time of day or night.

A $1,000 minimum deposit is required to open an account. You can trade with $30 as a minimum trade. In addition, iTrustCapital allows its clients to diversify their IRA portfolio of assets with gold while still paying the same fees.

iTrust started utilising Coinbase Custody in June 2021 to secure $370 million in digital assets. Munich Re, a major provider of insurance-related risk solutions founded in 1880, provides its standard $50 million coverage.

Coin IRA was established in 2017 and offers the best crypto IRA. Coin IRA offers low charges and multiple storage options for setting up and managing a Cryptocurrency IRA, making it great for investors.


  • Fees are low

  • There are no monthly or storage fees

  • IRA consultants who are highly specialized

  • Weekend hours are available by appointment


  • Fewer wallet alternatives

Coin IRA - Best Crypto IRA

The Coin IRA self-trading platform makes crypto IRAs easy to set up and fund. Once your account is funded, you can trade on your own or contact customer service for assistance. Coin IRA's custodian, Equity Trust Company, insures Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets and provides free cold storage for their protection.

Coin IRA's free, and downloadable and you can learn the benefits of Cryptocurrency IRAs, how to convert current retirement accounts to invest in crypto, and more. The company then provides dedicated crypto retirement experts that can take customers through the process of opening an account.

Coin IRA supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. It allows clients to choose asset security. Equity Trust holds off-balance-sheet, cold storage assets for account holders.

Coin IRA requires $5,000 to start a Cryptocurrency IRA or $5,000 to transfer from a non-IRA account. The company says there is no fee to open an account, no yearly or monthly maintenance fees, and no expense for guaranteed cold storage of digital assets.

Regal Assets provides IRAs that enable users to invest in both hard and digital assets, along with all popular cryptos, putting it on our list of the best crypto ira.


  • Supports all popular coins

  • Flat storage fee for precious metals and cryptos

  • Years of expertise with investments in alternative assets

  • Account executives with experience

  • Crypto IRAs are insured for up to $2 million


  • Accounts must be opened with a representative

Regal Assets - Best Crypto IRA

Regal Assets, which was founded in 2009 as an alternative asset investment firm, added crypto to its portfolio in 2017. Despite its initial focus on precious metals, the service enables the trading of famous crypto investments.

Regal Assets is a top-rated crypto IRA company in the United States. It was the first in the market to receive a crypto trading licence. Even though the company's website only lists 22 supported cryptos, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, its clients can invest in almost any crypto they desire.

On Regal Assets, it is easy to open an IRA account with an upfront investment or by rolling over funds from a traditional IRA. A team member will contact a client after they have completed an online application to set up the account.

Regal Assets is also notable for its flat fees, which include $100 for administration and $150 for storage fees yearly, which are both waived during the first year. The storage costs are lower than those provided by other companies and include a variety of offshore storage options for precious metals.

Bitcoin Advizers is a BTC and best crypto IRA company that provides customers with secure and easy cryptocurrency investing. They also provide a free consultation with a specialized representative.


  • Assistance with set up and funding

  • Great way to diversify retirement portfolios

  • Relatively low minimum investment

  • Variety of cryptos available


New company, however the personnel has years of expertise

Bitcoin Advizers - Best Crypto IRA

Advizers provide personalised assistance from a skilled investment professional who will explain everything you should know. The company offers one contact point with an account executive.

Bitcoin Advizers excels in assisting people between the ages of 50 and 70 with crypto IRA investments. Clients receive all of the assistance they require to manage a virtual currency IRA.

Account setup fees are $550. Bitcoin Advizers doesn't get this entire fee. A portion of the funds is paid to Equity Trust, an IRS-approved account custodian. Before opening an account, ask about transaction fees. The annual storage and maintenance expenses for your bitcoin IRA are $195, an additional $20 per month, and 0.07% of the IRA's balance.

For 45 years, Equity Trust has managed self-directed IRAs with both traditional and alternative investments. Because there are no transaction fees, it is also one of the best crypto ira.


  • 45 years of expertise in self-directed IRAs

  • Traditional and alternative investments supported

  • Zero transaction fees


  • High administrative costs

  • Accounts must be opened with a representative

Equity Trust - Best Crypto IRA

Equity Trust, a company that started out in 1974 as a financial services company, added self-directed IRAs (SDIRAs) in 1983. The firm has extensive knowledge of traditional and alternative investment portfolios. It also provides personal guidance, making it a perfect fit for self-directed investments.

Equity Trust's security features include multi-factor authentication, multi-encryption, and secure cold storage. In addition, the company provides end-to-end insurance on its digital investments.

Equity Trust provides clients with SDIRA professionals who can manage accounts and give instructional materials on investing possibilities. Once an account is opened, clients can trade up to eight cryptocurrencies with no fees and a one-day settlement.

The company offers a dashboard for clients to manage transactions, but they must ask an account specialist to make investments from their accounts.

The company charges $75 to $2,640 in annual administration costs, a $50 setup fee, and 0.07% monthly cold storage fees according to the account balance.

Broad Financial is a New Jersey-based investment firm that offers the best crypto IRA. Broad Financial began as a private real estate investment firm in 2004. Over time, the company's speciality areas expanded to include simplified employee pension (SEP), self-directed gold, Roth, and real estate IRAs.


  • No minimums or flat fees

  • There are self-trade options available

  • Traditional or Roth IRA structure

  • Possible to invest in any cryptocurrency


  • Not ideal if you want financial advice.

  • Your coins aren't insured, therefore you'll need a hot or cold wallet.

Broad Financial - Best Crypto IRA

They now also offer Bitcoin IRAs. They work collaboratively with Madison Trust Company, which serves as a custodian for all of their customers. It's a good retirement savings option.

Broad Financial offers Bitcoin IRAs with no minimums or asset-based fees and no custodian. It provides crypto IRAs with checkbook control, which is ideal for active traders who want complete control over their assets.

In addition to cryptos, their IRAs allow for the purchase of the real estate, precious metals, and private stock. You can buy a wider range of cryptos than most crypto IRAs allow.

They charge flat fees instead of a percentage of holdings. It means that those who invest more won't pay more, but those with smaller accounts might spend a higher rate proportionally.

Is a crypto IRA a good investment?

A crypto IRA is an excellent way to invest in virtual currency without having to put any money down. With a traditional IRA, you have to come up with a lot of cash to make your first investment, but with a crypto IRA, you can get started with as little as $100.

The most considerable advantage of investing in a crypto IRA is that your investment will grow tax-free. This means you won't have to pay taxes on the profits from your investment.

Another upside of crypto IRAs is that they are a very safe investment. Unlike other types of investments, crypto is not governed by the state. It means that your investment will not get influenced by government regulations to a great extent. However, there are some payable taxes that you be aware of so know how to calculate your crypto taxes.

A cryptocurrency IRA is a great option if you want a safe and simple way to invest in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, SHIBA INU etc. Let's sum up the benefits and challenges for crypto IRAs below.

Benefits and challenges

  Benefits of Crypto IRA

  • The accounts grow tax-deferred or tax-free. This varies by IRA account type.

  • Bitcoin IRAs diversify retirement portfolios to reduce risk and boost returns.

  • In a traditional IRA, taxes are paid first, so you get tax breaks before you put money into the IRA account. No taxes are due until you withdraw the money. 

  • However, with a Roth IRA, you receive no tax deductions and don't pay taxes when you withdraw the value from the IRA.

  • Also, it offers the potential for high returns and gives you control over your investment.

  • Crypto assets can help investors avoid capital gains taxes in some retirement accounts.

 Challenges of Crypto IRA

  • High volatility can lead to big losses or gains. Risk-averse investors should avoid them.

  • There is a lack of regulation surrounding cryptos.

  • Some have high Bitcoin ira fees. Depending on the crypto ira providers, initial setup fees could be $6,000.

  • There are limited options when it comes to cryptocurrency investing through an IRA.

Tips for a wise Crypto IRA buyer

There are numerous factors to consider when purchasing a crypto IRA, but the following advice will assist you in making the best decision possible.

Do your homework first and foremost. Know what you're investing in and what the risks are. There are no guaranteed returns with any investment. However, you can choose among the best bitcoin ira companies to lower the risk.

Second, seek the advice of a financial advisor. This is someone who can assist you in determining your risk tolerance and investing accordingly. They can also advise you on which is the best crypto IRA for you and how much to invest.

Third, make an effort to diversify your portfolio. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Invest in a variety of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate. It will assist in lowering your overall risk.

Fourth, remember to rebalance your portfolio. The percentage of each asset in your portfolio will increase as your investments grow. Rebalancing ensures that you aren't overly invested in any one area.

Finally, don't let your investment decisions be influenced by your emotions. Greed and fear are two of the most powerful adversaries of successful investing. Stick to your strategy and don't sell in a panic if the market falls.

By following these suggestions, you'll be well on your way to making wise Crypto IRA decisions.


Can I invest in Bitcoin through a Roth IRA?

Yes, in addition to bonds, stocks, real estate, and other assets, several IRA custodians accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as assets. However, there are also crypto-only IRAs.

Many IRA custodians now accept Bitcoin since the IRS considers it taxable property. Investing in Bitcoin or other cryptos through Individual Retirement Accounts is thus legal.

How do I use an IRA to invest in Bitcoin?

You should first look for a custodian who allows you to put Bitcoin in an IRA or crypto as a portfolio inside IRA accounts. Investigate their Bitcoin IRA fees, limits, features, and other aspects. You can then open an account with that custodian from here.

The majority of these allow for the creation of accounts online. The next step is to fund your IRA with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. You can also transfer your Bitcoin or invest in an existing IRA account. You can then trade cryptocurrency, invest in various crypto products, and do other things with the account, depending on the custodian.

Can a self-directed IRA be used to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, you can invest Bitcoin in IRA and other cryptos using a self-directed IRA account that supports a virtual currencies portfolio. Traditional IRAs use pre-tax funds, which are tax-deferred until the funds are withdrawn during retirement. The amount is taxed at the current income tax rate of the IRA owner.

Roth IRAs provide tax-free growth and tax-free withdrawals in retirement. According to the IRS, you can withdraw the money without paying any federal taxes if you have owned the account for 5 years or over and it is 59½ years or older.


We looked at almost a dozen bitcoin ira companies and tried to find the ones that had a lot of experience with both IRAs and non-traditional assets like cryptos.

Since Bitcoin and other cryptos are not backed by a bank or physical assets, a cyber hacker might possibly wipe out a Bitcoin IRA. For this reason, we took care to select the best crypto ira firms with cutting-edge security measures and comprehensive insurance coverage for digital assets.

Lastly, we considered companies with minimal or fair costs, given that administering a Bitcoin IRA may be far more costly than managing the majority of regular retirement accounts.

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