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9 Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets of 2022

This detailed article is for anyone who wants to enjoy their crypto anonymously, securely, untraceably, and free of government regulations.

The concept of Bitcoin

When Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the idea of Bitcoin, one of his main objectives was to create an electronic currency that would be anonymous, secure, untraceable, and devoid of government regulations and scrutiny.

And even though anonymity is one of the core principles of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, it’s unfortunate that a Bitcoin transaction can be traced and made public

When you transact in Bitcoins, the records will be stored on the blockchain forever.

To make it worse, this information can end up in the hands of unscrupulous individuals who can trace your finances and use it to attack you! 

This is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons why using the best anonymous bitcoin wallets to anonymize your Bitcoin transactions is paramount and cannot be ignored. 

In a landscape where a government can cripple the economic status of an entire country and even lockout your bank accounts without any warning or a second chance.  

Transacting in cryptocurrency without leaving any trace is imperative.

And even if it’s not about government interference, your cryptocurrency can be compromised in various ways including through DDoS attacks, phishing attempts, and fraudulent websites.

Users want to ensure that their private details and digital assets are not leaked on the internet when using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.


But is such a thing even possible? Is it possible to do business in the cryptocurrency market while remaining secure and anonymous? Also, there is no risk of third parties spying on your transactions or centralized cryptocurrency platforms and banks. 

Moreover, the ability to prevent you from accessing your cryptocurrency wallets? Well, using anonymous cryptocurrency wallets is the only way to go.

Anonymous wallets for Bitcoin (BTC) 2022

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the 9 best anonymous bitcoin wallets for 2022.

But before that, let’s look at what anonymous crypto wallets are, how they work, and why they’re important.

What is an Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Although cryptocurrency wallets are inherently anonymous, there are a few ones that particularly put a lot of emphasis on hiding your identity whenever you do a transaction.

It is due to the fact that every exchange on the Bitcoin blockchain is visible to everyone, so your transfers can be traced back to your original address.

Known as anonymous cryptocurrency wallets, these are a type of cryptocurrency wallets that cannot be traced. 

Users are able to simply move money into and out of their anonymous Bitcoin wallet without being required to reveal their identities.

This is because they’re designed in such a way that they’ll keep all your transactions and information private from the blockchain network ledger. 

There are numerous reasons to keep your Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and other coin transactions anonymous.

Can Bitcoin Wallets be Traced?

When you use a traditional crypto wallet to send or receive Bitcoins, chances are your Bitcoin wallet can be traced. It is because information such as your IP can be identified and this can affect your privacy.

So what’s the solution? Well, the solution lies with using anonymous Cryptocurrency wallets that not only help in protecting your funds but also your privacy.

The entirety of a user's cryptocurrency holdings could be stored in the same wallet. Despite this, you can increase the safety of your assets by using multiple wallets.

How Do Anonymous Cryptocurrency Wallets Work?

Many traders believe that conducting anonymous Bitcoin transactions is difficult. 

Anonymous cryptocurrency wallets are designed with technologies that will consistently change your address each time you carry out cryptocurrency transactions through the wallet.

Again, anonymous BTC wallet integrate VPNs that can allow you to use different remote servers. This means that your IP address will be changed every time you send or receive funds in your anonymous wallet.

Anonymous Bitcoin wallet also allow the use of Tor and other reshuffling techniques to help in reducing the amount of information that is shared between the transacting parties or with other users on the same blockchain.

Why are Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets Important?


You have to keep in mind that your cryptocurrency transactions are controlled and analyzed by Blockchain analysis firms

As such, governments, regulatory agencies, and third-party firms or individuals can easily use such information to link a particular cryptocurrency wallet to identify a person.

That being said, an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet can change your IP address with each transaction, thereby ensuring that any private information that could be used against you is untraceable.

And because the crypto market is full of hackers and attackers who may look to steal your funds or use your information, the importance of anonymous cryptocurrency wallets can never be downplayed.

What Should You Look for in an Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet?

When looking for the best anonymous BTC Wallet, it’s important to consider your needs, goals, and whether or not you’re comfortable with the technology that the wallet puts in place. As such, you should make sure that the wallet is compatible with your device, makes it convenient for you to transact, and supports both VPNs and TOR.

More importantly, the wallet should be very safe and secure. It has to have features that will ensure that your funds remain safe and your information private. As such, you should consider the type of encryption that the wallet uses. 

Last but not least, you can consider the transaction fees that you’ll be charged to use these anonymous crypto wallets as you do not want something that will be expensive yet there are free but secure options out there.

Thus find out the best wallets for you and discover also, is there any free anonymous bitcoin wallet? 

Hardware wallets will always be a little expensive, but there are many digital wallets that are completely free and provide a remarkable security level for your assets. Digital wallets are handy, but they store your personal info online, that also raises a number of protection concerns.

Previously, setting up and managing a digital or hardware wallet was more tricky, time-consuming, and unreliable. The technology has been improved over time and is now seen as the perfect way to keep ones investments safe.

Which are the Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallets?

Anonymous wallets are essential no matter how much cryptocurrency you own. Now that we've seen the importance of having an anonymous Bitcoin wallet, let’s look at the best and top anonymous Bitcoin wallets for 2022.

ZenGo wallet

The epitome of security among anonymous Bitcoin wallets, ZenGo is an anonymous Bitcoin wallet that is perfect for everyday crypto investors as it is designed with a seamless user interface and efficient application for easy access.

This not only makes it the best option for beginners and intermediate crypto investors who like quick access and purchase on their mobile devices. 

This is because it’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It’s considered the best anonymous Bitcoin wallet on Android as well as the best anonymous Bitcoin wallet on iPhone.

Designed as a non-custodial, keyless crypto wallet, ZenGo can hold BTC, ETH, ERC20, Dogecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies. 

Ranked as the best anonymous Bitcoin wallet for 2022, ZenGo is designed to make use of biometric facial recognition software, which is of great importance in ensuring the credibility of the person operating the wallet.

The ZenGo wallet supports at least 70% of crypto assets thanks to these advanced features.

Offers 24/7 support by real agents
Available on Android and iOS
Supports at least 70% of crypto assets
Offers a 4% APY interest on your Bitcoin
Can store, buy, trade, send, and receive crypto
Can cancel or speed up transactions
No hidden fees
Offer 3 network fees modes (economy, regular, fast)
Easy to use interface
Allows to buy or sell within the Bitcoin wallet app
Earn interest on holding without lockup
It’s very secure
Available in over 70 countries including the US, UK, and Europe
It’s not a fully non-custodial crypto wallet

Samourai wallet

Another mobile-friendly anonymous cryptocurrency wallet, Samourai Wallet is user-friendly, can be downloaded for free on Android, and offers advanced features.

Samourai derives its name from the famous Samurai sword used by ninjas to protect themselves.

The wallet is designed to conceal your identity while keeping your Bitcoin transfers private and secure.

This is an anonymous Bitcoin wallet that’s built for the most privacy-conscious individuals who want their transactions to remain private.

The Samourai Wallet has got positive feedback for its robust security attributes, which set it apart from the other options on this list.

It’s designed in such a way that it can easily combat unscrupulous blockchain surveillance thanks to its advanced built-in privacy features.

As one of the top anonymous Bitcoin wallets for 2022, Samourai supports both VPN and TOR and has alerts that will not let you use the same address.

With Tor and VPN support,  Samourai enables you to route all transfers through an anonymous IP address.

That’s not all; Samourai is designed with a “Ricochet send” feature that is essential in ensuring that your transaction is bounced off multiple IP addresses before another user receives it.

This means that your identity is masked while keeping your cryptocurrencies private and fully secured. As such, it can help you avoid getting blacklisted by third parties or exchanges such as Coinbase.

It Features
TOR/VPN support
No address reuse
It has a CoinJoin, which can help generate high entropy transactions that resemble
Avoid linking previous change outputs by using Stonewall
It has the PayNym to allow you to accept payments without reusing the address
Has the “Ricochet send” features
Samourai PROS and CONS
It’s a mobile-friendly wallet and has a user-friendly interface
It can generate a unique address
You can easily use VPN and TOR networks
It uses military-grade AES-256 encryption
Your privacy is protected whenever you send or receive funds
You cannot be blacklisted by exchanges
Doesn’t support the direct withdrawal of digital currency to physical tender
You’ll have to constantly upgrade the latest version of the wallet to remain secure

The Ledger Nano X is the best anonymous crypto wallet for hardware out there. In addition to supporting a wide range of coins, this anonymous wallet can store over 5,500 cryptos in one location. 

Read the Ledger Nano X overview to learn about the capabilities that come with this new crypto hardware wallet.

This is a handheld device that’s not only convenient but also secure to use. It has an LED display for payment validation and a PIN to help you confirm transactions. 

This is also helped by a NIST certification that generates a true random number to help secure your signature.

As a Hierarchical Deterministic hardware wallet, it has over 100 wallets with each capable of creating millions of unique IP addresses, which makes it untraceable. 

This is a USB-like device that is easily compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Easy to use thanks to its larger screen
It can store over 5,500 coins
It has a Ledger Live app

You can install up to 100 apps
Compatible with both iOS and Android
Ledger Nano X PROS and CONS
You can easily access Ledger live
It’s a computer and mobile-friendly wallet
Supports over 5,500 cryptocurrencies
It’s affordable
It’s non-custodial so you can control the funds at all times
Provides maximum storage of three apps
Data leaks from customers have happened before

Wasabi wallet

A synonym for privacy, Wasabi, is the best anonymous Bitcoin wallet for your desktop. Wasabi Wallet, previously referred as HiddenWallet, is among the finest anonymous cryptocurrency wallets available.

 It offers a desktop-only answer for participants who want to maintain their bitcoin transactions private.

This is an open-source and privacy-first crypto wallet that implements utmost security using the CoinJoin technique.

This technique allows you to combine transactions into one large transaction with several outputs and inputs. This is essential since blockchain analysts won’t be able to determine which input belongs to which output. 

It provides an additional layer of anonymity to the process of keeping your money safe. This is a non-custodial anonymous cryptocurrency wallet that has a top-notch private feature known as Chaumian CoinJoin. 

Chaumain CoinJoin, a coin shuffling method, is one of the wallet's best features. This method ensures that all bitcoin transactions sent from Wasabi are freely transferable.

This feature is designed for shuffling coins so that no one can trace your transactions.

wasabi wallet
It uses the CoinJoin technique
Compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux
Wasabi PROS and CONS
It’s very safe
It’s perfect for desktop
You can easily use VPN and TOR networks
It can reclaim your privacy
Doesn’t allow third-party solutions
There are transaction fees

Prime XBT wallet

Known as one of the best anonymous Bitcoin wallet, Prime XBT is highly regarded thanks to its safety, reliability, and speed. 

This is an anonymous Bitcoin wallet that is designed with advanced tools for experienced crypto traders and investors but has a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

This wallet accepts only five coins but transactions are accepted in over 216 countries and you can trade not only in coins but also in indices and fiat. 

For professional crypto traders, Prime XBT is designed to offer you charts for technical analysis and copy trading.

As far as your privacy and safety of your funds are concerned, this wallet uses 2FA encryption and puts in place a major cyber-security framework, which is among the best in the game. 

Prime XBT hardware wallet offers the most security, but it's slightly inconvenient to send coins.

It has a 2FA encryption system for security
Offers technical charts for analysis
Protects both your funds and personal data
Allow you to trade in other digital commodities such as fiat and indices

Offers one of the best securities in the crypto market
Accepts credit and debit deposit
A user-friendly interface
Various digital assets can be traded

Doesn’t operate in the US and Canada
Accepts only five coins

Only supports wallet-to-wallet transfer
It’s not dominant in the market

Electrum wallet

Electrum is a flexible Bitcoin wallet that was released in 2011. Having been around since 2011, this is one of the oldest and most secure anonymous crypto wallets. 

Top choice for the best Bitcoin-only wallet is Electrum. The wallet is open access, and many developers have contributed to its security and usability. 

Users can use the Lightning Network to conduct near-instant, low-cost Bitcoin transactions.

This wallet provides you with complete control over the bitcoins. It means that your money cannot be frozen or lost by a third party.

The fact that it has been in operation since then despite the changes in the crypto industry speaks volumes about how safe and reliable it is.

Using this anonymous Bitcoin wallet can help you circumvent censorship almost anywhere without leaving traces that can be used against you. 

Electrum Wallet allows for the pairing of hardware wallet and also supports plugins developed by third-party developers.

This is a self-hosted wallet that you can control with your private keys and is compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.

Best Features

It has private keys
It can be integrated into a hardware wallet
Supports Trezor, Ledger, and Keepkey integration
It’s a non-custodial wallet
It is a Hierarchical Deterministic
It’s can be used with VPNs and Tor
Electrum PROS and CONS
Doesn’t require personal information upon signup
It’s very reliable
It can be integrated into hardware
Easy to set up
Your privacy is protected whenever you send or receive funds
One of the most popular wallets
It only supports lightweight trading

PINT wallet

A multi-currency HD anonymous crypto wallet, PINT offers you very intuitive ways of storing, managing, sending, and receiving coins. This is a self-hosted wallet that accepts six cryptocurrencies including BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE, and DASH. 

The PINT wallet security features are also quite spectacular. Consider the PINT wallet as an anonymous Bitcoin wallet.

It is an anonymous Bitcoin wallet that doesn’t require you to disclose any form of personal information including your phone number and email, so your privacy is upheld at all times.

This wallet offers private keys and ensures that all the transactions are performed within the platform to deny access to third-party agencies or individuals. 

It is a self-hosted wallet in which you control your private keys by keeping a backup of the seed.

The fact that it uses the military-standard AE-256 encryption makes it one of the safest anonymous crypto wallets.

You can perform everything on the PINT platform

Offers P2P as well as multiple payment modes including cash
Uses Changelly and Shapeshift
Uses Changelly and Shapeshift
Offers 24/7 customer support

Comes with anti-theft functionality
Offers several payment options
Accepts several currencies

Supports very few cryptocurrencies

Trezor wallet

For an anonymous crypto wallet that dedicates an entire section of its website to its safety and security, you can easily tell just how much Trezor takes your privacy and safety seriously. 

Launched in 2014, Trezor Hardware Wallet is the best anonymous bitcoin wallet that has cold and hot wallet functionalities. 

This wallet is compatible with both mobile and desktop including iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux. This means that you can use it whenever you want either on your mobile device or desktop.

This wallet is designed to generate a random PIN to help you access your wallet thereby keeping your funds safe and secure and your personal details private.

In essence, this is the best anonymous crypto wallet that gives you an easier control of your funds while offering a very digital security solution.

Features are

Supports over 1,000 cryptocurrencies
Its interface is convenient and intuitive

You can recover your coins from your offline backup
Offers a very secure offline storage
You can expose your private key without any problem and still remain secure
Trezor PROS and CONS
It’s affordable thanks to its very low transaction fees
It supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies

It offers comprehensive chart analyses

Offers a wide selection of trading options
The customer support is not good

Edge wallet

This is one of the most popular anonymous crypto wallets in the market right now. Edge wallet runs on both Android and iOS. 

It can support over 30 of the most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, and many more. In addition to being a user-friendly platform, this is one of the safest wallets.

It’s designed in a way that all your personal information and details are handled by you. If anything, you do not have to provide your email, phone number, photo ID, and physical address when signing up.

This means that third parties can never access your information. One thing that makes Edge stand out is its strictness on transparency.

It uses a code that is approved by the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project, which sets the privacy standards in the world of digital currencies.

It Features

Robust safety protocols
Super accessible features
Approved by Open Bitcoin Privacy Project
Compatible with Android and iOS
Incognito wallet
Edge PROS and CONS
User-friendly interface
Very safe and secure
Supports more than 30 cryptos
The support system isn’t so good

The Bottom line

We’re living in a time where the debate about data surveillance is ongoing. And various governments around the world are implementing it on their citizens, thereby threatening their personal freedom of privacy.

And because the main aim of crypto is for you to transact privately without interference from third parties, it’s imperative to have anonymous crypto wallets, especially if you are a privacy-conscious person.

With an anonymous Bitcoin wallet, you’ll preserve your personal financial freedom and safeguard your assets from unscrupulous individuals and agencies.

Now you know what exactly is a Bitcoin anonymous wallet.

The above-described anonymous Bitcoin wallets are among the best in the market and a perfect way to ensure that your private information as well as your assets are safeguarded.