First things first, what is a Crypto Faucet? 

The basic definition of a crypto faucet is that it's a website, app, or platform that allows users to earn free crypto rewards. Users have to do simple tasks like solving riddles, playing games, or entering captcha details at regular times throughout the day. There is also the option of earn through a referral program, in which you will earn a commission every time someone uses your affiliate link. You can find a list of the 12 best crypto faucets down below.

How does a Crypto Faucet work?

12 Best Crypto Faucets 2022 - Earn Highest Rewards12 Best Crypto Faucets 2022 - Earn Highest Rewards

The function of a crypto faucet is simple and clear. All you have to do is sign up for a digital asset service or go to a crypto faucet website or app that rewards you with free cryptos for doing things like playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, and so on. Most crypto faucets dispense rewards in the form of a Satoshi, Satoshis are the smallest Bitcoins available. 1 Satoshi = 0.000000001 Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency earned is then transferred to your online mini-wallet by the crypto faucets' website or app. A micro wallet is a wallet that is similar to standard wallets but can only hold a limited amount of crypto assets. Micro wallets are usually created as soon as you sign up for a crypto faucet.

Top Crypto Faucets In 2022: Highest Paying Options

Here are the best crypto faucets to consider in 2022:

Cointiply - Best Crypto Faucets

Cointiply is recognised as one of the best crypto faucets on the web. It is a well-known bitcoin faucet that has been in operation for many years with 3 million users. It provides a variety of ways to earn Bitcoin and other cryptos, such as playing games, taking surveys, clicking ads, watching videos, and even trading your time doing small tasks

Cointiply was founded in 2018 and has since risen to become a cool faucet in the cryptocurrency community. With a 60-minute timer, it pays out an average of 200 Satoshi per activity.

After you have acquired the equal of $3 in Coins, you can withdraw them to your Bitcoin, DOGE, Dash, or LTC wallet. Most active users can reach this limit in a matter of days. You can also earn extra rewards by referring friends. There is also a 5% reward rate if you keep your cryptocurrency in your website wallet after you've acquired it.

Overall, Cointiply is a good option for those interested in crypto faucets. It's among the best places to start with digital currency because of its generous rewards and variety of ways to earn.


  • Allows you to earn crypto by performing easy activities.

  • You can earn crypto rewards in two different tokens (BTC and DOGE).

  • Has a referral program that can help you earn more money.

  • You can also earn interest on your crypto investments.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: 50,000 Satoshi


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 60 minutes

Bitcoinker - Best Crypto Faucets

Bitcoinker is an excellent faucet site that makes it simple for users to obtain bitcoins. The site has many useful features, it gives away free coins in exchange for completing simple CAPTCHAs. If you can solve CAPTCHAs in 5 minutes, you can earn up to 100,000 Satoshi.

Bitcoinker charges an average of 7 Satoshi for deposits and returns 10% of that amount as a commission. Long-term users could receive seniority bonuses of up to 30% after so many years of service.

Withdrawals can be made once per week, at a minimum of 20,000 Satoshi, and are sent directly to your chosen wallet.

If you're looking for an easy way to make some extra cryptocurrency without having to deal with market volatility, Bitcoinker is worth a look!


  • Allows you to quickly earn crypto.

  • Fast and reliable withdrawals

  • There is a 5-minute timer between crypto earnings.

  • There is a referral program.

  • Seniority bonuses for frequent users.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: 20,000 Satoshi


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 5 minutes

CoinPayu - Best Crypto Faucets

CoinPayu is favoured by users who want to watch advertisements in exchange for free bitcoins. You can get more than 15 different cryptocurrencies by using this faucet, making it one of the best crypto faucets. The incentives, on the other hand, are determined in Satoshis.

When cashing out, you can exchange your Satoshis for whatever cryptocurrency you use most often. However, there are requirements for making a withdrawal, including a minimum amount and fees that change with each coin. CoinPayu provides other ways to earn cryptocurrency beyond simply watching advertising, including weekly 15-day contests.

Moreover, CoinPayu can also be used as a staking platform. Currently, five different cryptocurrencies, including Tron and Cardano, can be staked on the platform. The cryptocurrency you stake will affect both the lock-in duration and the interest rate.

Indeed, CoinPayu is an excellent choice for individuals who want to get more crypto without investing a lot of time or money. There are numerous ways to earn free bitcoins with this faucet, including watching ads, entering contests, and staking your coins.


  • Easy to use interface.

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies available.

  • Earn rewards with weekly contests & staking features.

  • Low withdrawal requirements and fees.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: 10,000 satoshis


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 60 minutes

Satoshi Hero - Best Crypto Faucets

We can't discuss the best Bitcoin faucets without mentioning Satoshi Hero. This is currently one of the most popular Bitcoin faucets. Satoshi Hero makes it simple to earn bitcoins. 

Get your free bitcoins by solving a captcha and spinning the bitcoin giveaway wheel.  The free spin feature updates every 30 minutes. While the timer is counting down, you can complete offers and surveys to earn extra cash.

 It usually has a variety of giveaways, and the game rewards are updated monthly. Upon withdrawal, there is a 10% fee.

It is a very easy faucet to use. After you sign up, you can begin claiming your Satoshi. You can claim once every 15 minutes for up to 5000 Satoshi.

There are numerous other ways to earn money on this platform, including watching clips and carrying out activities. There is also a loyalty program where you can earn points that can be exchanged for Bitcoin.

To sum up, win some serious satoshi, check out Satoshi Hero bitcoin casino which features entertaining crypto faucet games.


  • Simple and easily understandable faucet.

  • Loyalty program with points redeemable for Bitcoin.

  • Free bitcoin faucets and offer walls are available.

  • Over 3500 licenced BTC games from the top casino game providers.

  • Earnings over 10,000 satoshis can be withdrawn immediately.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: 10,000 Satoshi


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 30 minutes

Tamadoge - Best Crypto Faucets

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new promising project and one of the best crypto faucets. It is airdropping $100,000 worth of tokens to one lucky holder if they already own $100 worth of TAMA.

TAMA is a unique meme coin with the potential for enormous returns. In addition to the play-to-earn game and gifts that come with NFT ownership, holders also benefit from the coin's actual functionality and value as a tradeable asset.

The presale quickly hit $2 million, indicating that it has the potential to be one of the top new cryptocurrencies on the market. Also, with deflationary tokenomics, 5% of every transaction is burned.

The Tamaverse will feature not only a token but also NFT ownership and a fun play-to-earn game in the form of Pets, which holders can take care of, feed, breed, and grow to increase their earnings. Pets can be upgraded through the use of food and toys, and once they have reached a certain size, they can engage in battle against one another. They will be earning their owners points that can be used to climb up a global leaderboard on which monthly prizes are awarded.

The Pets will be fully 3D by the beginning of 2023, and by the end of the third quarter of 2023, they will be available in Augmented Reality. It will allow their owners to go on treasure hunts in the real world with their Pets in search of TAMA tokens and other prizes.


  • Airdrops, gifts, and other promotions for holders.

  • Deflationary tokenomics with 5% transaction burn.

  • NFT ownership, play-to-earn game, and monthly awards for top TAMA holders.

  • By 2023, Augmented Reality 3D Pets to hunt prizes in the real world.

  • An enthusiastic crypto community.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: NA


  • Crypto earning cooldown: NA

Faucet Crypto - Best Crypto Faucets

Faucet Crypto is one of the highest paying crypto faucets, recognised by a diverse range of digital currencies to earn. These include the latest list of more than 20 cryptocurrencies.

Every 25 minutes, you can claim your reward by completing a survey, watching a video, or clicking a button. In addition to increasing your earnings potential as you progress through the levels, you will also receive a 20% lifetime commission on all profits generated by anyone you refer.

Individuals can send their coins to a personal cryptocurrency wallet and receive payments directly from the blockchain. Over 1.5 million people have signed up for Faucetcrypto, and it has processed over 4 million withdrawals. There is a 50 Satoshi fee per withdrawal on Faucet Crypto.

Overall, Faucet Crypto is a generous offering that rewards its users well for their time, and it's worth checking out. If you're looking to earn crypto on the side, this is one of the easiest ways to do it.


  • Tasks earn prizes every 25 minutes.

  • Allows you to easily earn cryptocurrency.

  • Payouts are high in a variety of digital currencies.

  • Has a levelling system that can help you earn more money.

  • Has an excellent referral system.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: 500 Satoshi


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 25 minutes

FreeBitcoin - Best Crypto Faucets

FreeBitcoin is one of the highest-paying bitcoin faucets that allow you to earn free Bitcoin by playing a random number drawing game every hour. It's easy to get started, and hourly prizes can reach $200.

Before you can begin drawing, you must first create a Bitcoin wallet in order to send your profits. For any new members you refer, the site will pay you a 50% commission on any winnings your friends make for the rest of their lives.

Winners of their Hi-Lo service can earn up to $10,000 in addition to the top prize of a full Bitcoin. They offer a variety of games with greater stakes and more valuable rewards, including a Lamborghini.

However, wagering always carries some risk, so it may be best to play it safe. Overall, FreeBitcoin is an excellent choice if you're looking for a fun and simple way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.


  • Every hour, you will be rewarded with free Bitcoin.

  • You can earn interest on your cryptocurrency.

  • Generous referral program, as well as a free weekly lottery.

  • Contests for wagering.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal limit: $1.00


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 60 minutes

Lucky Block - Best Crypto Faucets

Lucky Block is one of the best crypto faucets for 2022, with blockchain-based jackpot prize draws as well as regular rewards for all users. It is one of the fast-growing games in the online crypto lottery space.

Since Lucky Block is based on smart contracts, you can be confident that the results of every single draw are completely random and credible. The platform is based on openness and honesty, and it offers full tracking and recording, as well as improved security and transparency. 

In addition to faster prize payouts, 10% of the daily jackpot is donated to charity. The remaining 10% is distributed as follows: 8% to marketing,  2% to the NFT prize pool, and 10% to LBLOCK, the native token, and holders who take part in the daily charity voting system.

When it comes to brand new NFT initiatives, Lucky Block is likewise at the forefront. Take, for instance, The Platinum Rollers Club, whose members are entered into a daily drawing for a variety of prizes.

The first jackpot was in May 2022, and the prizes were worth almost $2 million. The next giveaway will happen when all 10,000 NFTs have been sold. The unbelievable prize will be a Lamborghini valued at more than $300,000, and the Lucky Block Gallery will gradually add more games of chance.


  • A simple signup process and a user-friendly platform.

  • Payments are made more quickly, with prizes available in minutes rather than hours or days.

  • A fair way to run the lottery business that helps charities.

  • Daily and lottery prize draws to ensure that every player has a chance of winning.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: NA


  • Crypto earning cooldown: Depends

PipeFlare - Best Crypto Faucets

Next among the best crypto faucets is non-other then PipeFlare. The platform users can claim virtual currencies such as ZEC, MATIC, and native 1FLR as daily rewards. First, regardless of how much you claim, payments are made weekly.

When it comes to DOGE, you must reach one Dogecoin to receive earnings, whereas FLR does not allow you to receive a payout. The faucet site has seven games, and some of them have weekly tournaments where members can win prizes if they rank high.

PipeFlare also has one of the best referral programmes for crypto faucets. Users can earn extra coins and multipliers if their referrals succeed in a tournament game. You also get small bonuses when someone you referred claims coins. Likewise, if your referrals claim ZEC or DOGE, you will receive a small amount.

If you're looking for the best faucet site with a diverse selection of coins and games, PipeFlare is a must-visit. There are plenty of reasons to keep coming back with their friendly referral program and chances to win big in weekly tournaments!


  • ZEC, DOGE, and domestic FLR payouts are made weekly.

  • There are monthly crypto airdrops.

  • Multiple games and weekly tournaments with prizes.

  • A fantastic referral program that rewards both new and existing members.

  • Sign-up is simple, and the user interface is straightforward.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: 10,000 Satoshi 

  • There is no minimum requirement for ZEC, but DOGE requires 1 DOGE.)


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 1 minute

FireFaucet - Best Crypto Faucets

FireFaucet is an excellent platform for those looking to diversify their portfolio of digital coins by using crypto faucet sites. It is one of the best crypto faucets for earning Bitcoin and other digital currencies such as Binance Coin, Litecoin, Tether, Dash, Tron, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero, and others.

Besides that, the rewards you receive from this website are determined by your user rank. This means that the more active you are on FireFaucet, the higher you will be ranked each day. Those who utilise the crypto faucet platform regularly might benefit greatly since the top 20 users receive daily bonuses. You can also earn additional benefits by accomplishing various challenges on this platform.

Like the other top free crypto faucets we've covered, FireFaucet offers generous rewards for referring new users. The registration is free, and once you're a member you can start earning rewards that may be transferred to FaucetPay or other digital wallets. By answering surveys or viewing movies, you can also earn cryptocurrency.


  • Earn rewards in the form of Binance Coin, Ethereum, and other cryptos.

  • Daily challenges to earn additional rewards.

  • Register for free on the platform to start earning crypto today.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: Depends on the cryptocurrency


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 2 minutes

RollerCoin - Best Crypto Faucets

RollerCoin is another best crypto faucets that make cryptocurrency mining fun. After registering, you create a pixelated mining character and take part in mini-games and tasks to boost your mining power.

Your pool's success improves as more miners join. The rate of return is proportional to both your "power" and the pool's mining power (expressed in EH/s, or exaflops per second). Every 10 minutes, the Bitcoin block is distributed among the participants.

You can make a daily withdrawal of Dogecoin, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. You can earn a referral incentive of up to 25% on Bitcoin mined. Moreover, a discount of up to 15% on purchases bought by anyone you refer to on this platform.


  • You can earn crypto by playing arcade mini-games.

  • Withdrawals in three crypto tokens are made daily (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin).

  • A referral programme is available.

  • Allows you to earn more cryptocurrency as you level up your character.

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: 10,000 Satoshi


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 10 minutes

Blockchain Poker - Best Crypto Faucets

Our top pick for best crypto faucets is Blockchain Poker. Here, you can play poker for free and have the chance to win Bitcoin in exchange for your winnings. Players fight for real Bitcoin in single-table, no-limit Texas hold 'em tournaments hosted on this site.

Because new players are rewarded with free Satoshi upon registration, you can play even if you don't have any Bitcoin. You can play without revealing any personal information or signing up.

Withdrawal requests will be made if your balance drops below 50 Satoshi. If this occurs, every 30 minutes you will be able to deposit up to 100 Satoshi into your wallet.

All in all, Blockchain Poker is a great way to earn free Bitcoin. It's easy to use, fun, and best of all – it's free.


  • You can earn cryptocurrency by playing poker.

  • There is no requirement for a minimum investment.

  • It does not require an account to be used.

  • Allows you to earn free money in three different crypto tokens (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV).

Withdrawal Limits

  • Minimum withdrawal: 100,000 Satoshi


  • Crypto earning cooldown: 30 minutes


What is a Bitcoin faucet?

In bitcoin faucets, the user cannot earn bitcoin unless he completes some tasks or certain tasks. It's simple to do and varies from site to site. You may see videos, do surveys, complete CAPTCHAs online, click ads, or play games, among other things.

Your account will get crypto sums as you complete activities. Normally, you perform numerous tasks at once. Staying on your website makes Bitcoin earning easier. Satoshis are the smallest Bitcoins available. 1 Satoshi = 0.000000001 Bitcoin. Most sites have withdrawal periods.

How do Free Bitcoin Faucets Work?

Many activities are available on free crypto faucets, including free crypto generation. A free crypto faucet distributes digital assets for various purposes and performs a range of tasks. Such as looking for ads, answering questions, or searching for info on websites. The reward is mostly in the form of cryptocurrencies. The amount you receive, however, varies depending on how many tasks you complete and the servicer.

How Do Crypto Faucets Make Money?

Bitcoin faucets distribute profits generated by advertisements. The faucet will remain operational as long as website advertising generates more profits than payouts.

Risks Associated with Using Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets can be a good method to make extra money, but they're risky.

  • One big risk is that many crypto faucet sites are frauds or phishing sites, which means they may steal your personal info or attempt to steal your crypto assets.

  • Read the terms and conditions before joining up to avoid getting banned from sites.

  • Moreover, crypto faucets require time and effort, therefore consider these factors while choosing to use them.

Things to Look at

Things To Look For In A Crypto Faucet

There are a few differences between crypto faucets, so you should think carefully about which one to use. Certain factors can assist you in determining the best crypto faucets for you as follows;


This is how long you must wait between faucet rewards. Choose a faucet with a short timer to maximize rewards. This lets you claim prizes more regularly. Most range from 5 minutes to an hour. 

Payment quantity

Most Bitcoin faucets only give out a tiny number of Satoshi, often between 50 and 500. Even though it might not seem like much, playing games and referring others might earn you extra money.

Referral program 

A strong referral program can assist you in earning additional rewards. Look for a faucet that will pay you a percentage of what your referrals earn, or one that will give you a bonus Satoshi for every new user you refer.

Supported withdrawal methods

You can send Satoshi to your Bitcoin wallet from a micro-wallet. Be careful that certain faucets need KYC verification before withdrawing cash, so read the terms and conditions before signing up.

Minimum withdrawal limit

This is the minimum amount you need to withdraw to a Bitcoin wallet. Some faucets have no withdrawal limit. Check the faucet's minimum withdrawal if you want to withdraw prizes swiftly.

FAQs - Is mining worthy


How do I get started with crypto faucets?

As we have mentioned many different websites and apps out there that offer the best crypto faucets, so do your research and choose one that seems trustworthy. Once you have created an account, complete some simple tasks to start earning rewards.

What is the Highest Paying crypto faucet?

The top-paying crypto faucets have been mentioned above, but the highest-paying one will depend on your own choices. Some people may prefer to claim from a Bitcoin faucet because they already have Bitcoins and want more, whereas others may get more value from a Dogecoin or Litecoin faucet because those cryptos are currently cheaper than Bitcoin.

Are crypto faucets worth it?

All crypto faucets are profitable when used strategically. This is most likely the simplest and least expensive way to earn free cryptocurrencies online every hour. If a user actively uses the best bitcoin faucets, they may soon become successful.

In Summary

Crypto faucets are a fun and simple way to earn a small amount of Bitcoin with little effort. Before joining a crypto faucet, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid getting scammed or banned.

The main drawback of crypto faucets is that you can only earn a dollar an hour from them. Thus, also consider other ways of earning free crypto, such as investing or trading. With time and effort, you might find yourself earning more money than you did with crypto faucets.

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