There are many ways to save and invest in crypto. Investing in a crypto interest account is one possibility. Many new investors don't know that you can earn interest on your crypto holdings. If you are looking for a high-yield interest account to store your cryptocurrency, check out our list of the best crypto interest account of 2022!

We will compare and contrast the top six best crypto interest accounts so that you can find the best one for you. Continue reading if you want a safe and reliable way to make extra money through interest payments.

What is a crypto interest account, and how does it work?

A crypto interest account is a savings account that lets you earn on your cryptocurrency holdings. Many of these accounts have good interest rates, and some even give bonuses for putting in larger amounts of crypto assets.

Crypto savings accounts work by generating interest for crypto holders through a combination of methods. Like a bank, crypto can be lent for interest.

For example, if you had 500 Bitcoin and deposited it in a cryptocurrency savings account, paying 2% interest per year. You would receive 10 Bitcoin back after a year, bringing your total to 510 Bitcoin.

Best crypto interest account

To open a crypto interest account, you will need to sign up with a participating exchange or wallet provider. Once you've made an account, you can put your crypto in it and start earning interest.

Depending on the account you choose, you can earn different amounts of interest. Some accounts offer up to 15% interest per year. You can grow your crypto investments with a crypto interest account without actively trading or investing in new projects.

The benefits of using a crypto interest account

  • They offer a way to earn passive income on your cryptocurrency holdings.

  • Unlike a traditional savings account, crypto interest rates are often much higher, meaning you can earn more money on your investment.

  • They are also a great way to store crypto, offering security and peace of mind knowing your funds are safe.

  • Using a crypto savings account is easy and convenient, and you can earn interest on your crypto efficiently.

  • Crypto interest accounts are an awesome way to diversify your crypto portfolio, as they offer the potential for high returns with little risk.

The top six crypto interest accounts on the market today

APR Offered on Cryptos

Non-Stablecoins (BTC, CRO, ETH, LTC, etc) – Up to 14.5%

Stablecoins (USDC, USDT, DAI, etc) – Up to 14%

Lock-In Period

Easily customizable (3 months, 1 month, or flexible)

Deposit Limits

Minimum: Varies depending on the coin

Maximum: $500,000

Additional Rewards

The APR rises as the amount of CRO staked rises.

Frequency of Interest Payout 


Security Features

NIST Cybersecurity Tier 4 assessment

Kudelski Security-stress-tested offers the best crypto interest account and ranks first on our list. The platform provides a variety of services, such as low-cost crypto exchanges, an NFT marketplace, online asset-backed crypto debit cards, and more. accepts dozens of digital tokens for its crypto savings accounts. It includes not only stablecoins but also many large and medium-cap cryptos. - Best Crypto Interest Account

In terms of returns, you can earn up to 14.5% per year on stablecoin investments at This appealing APY is subject to the term of your deposit and whether or not you stake CRO tokens, which are native to the website.  

A diverse range of cryptos, including stablecoins like Tether, as well as more volatile offerings like Chainlink, Maker, Stellar, EOS, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. Because of this, it is among the best sites for earning income on coins, particularly if you have a range of currencies to invest in.

Remember that at, rewards won't compound even though your interest will be paid out daily. To take advantage of a long-term compounding strategy, you will therefore need to manually reinvest the tokens.

Still, another thing we notice about is that you can use the pre-paid debit card to get to your digital currency investments at any time. You can withdraw cash from an ATM and have the funds deducted from your crypto interest account.

APR Offered on Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies: Up to 6.8%

Stable Coins: Up to 12.3%

Lock-In Period

Withdraw anytime (30, 90, 180, or 365 days)

Deposit Limits

Minimum: $100

Maximum: None

Additional Rewards


Frequency of Interest Payout 


Security Features

Decentralized exchange

YouHodler is a platform based in Switzerland that offers the best crypto interest account. It was founded in 2017 by a dedicated team of finance/blockchain experts and has since grown to serve over 150,000 users worldwide.

YouHodler focuses on long-term holds, so security is the most paramount. It provides a high-yield savings account that provides yield services on your deposited cryptocurrency. Through the YouHodler app, you can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies as well as trade on various exchanges.

YouHodler - Best Crypto Interest Account

YouHodler's competitive interest rates are the service's key selling point. By saving your assets on YouHodler, you can earn 15% compounding interest. YouHodler offers over 50 crypto-assets and all leading stablecoins (USDT, USDC, TUSD, HUSD, PAX, DAI, EURS), so you may earn interest on a diverse portfolio. Overall, YouHodler is a great pick.

It is available worldwide except in Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Germany, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and US Islands. 

YouHodler is regulated by Estonia's Financial Intelligence Unit and meets the 5th AML Directive. All user money is kept in cold storage wallets and is protected by two-factor authentication.

3. Quint

APR Offered on Cryptos

Quint: 16.18% APY

BNB/Quint: 39.08% APY

Lock-In Period

Flexible withdrawals (No lock-in period)

Deposit Limits


Additional Rewards

Luxury goods & services

Frequency of Interest Payout 


Quint is a new and best crypto interest account with an exciting twist. Users on Quint are not limited to earning crypto interest. The platform offers super-staking pools with real-world rewards and crypto.

Users can earn rewards such as luxury watches, discounted air tickets, fancy hotel stays, luxury car experiences, and more depending on which of Quint's super-staking pools they stake their QUINT tokens in.

Quint - Best Crypto Interest Account

Quint also offers cryptocurrency interest accounts with some of the best DeFi interest rates. Users can earn up to 16.18% APY when they stake QUINT tokens and reap rewards in Quint. The available interest rate jumps to 39.08% when users stake a combo of BNB and Quint.

Manually claiming QUINT incentives is as easy as selecting 'harvest' and reinvesting. No lock-in period makes switching between Quint's standard and super-staking pools easy. Techrate and Certik have certified Quint's platform, and its developers are known.

Aside from earning crypto interest, QUINT tokens have several other advantages. Users who hold this token gain access to Quint's unique Metaverse Arts Club. Token holders can buy custom merchandise in Quint's shop.

On Pancakeswap's decentralised exchange, you can buy QUINT with BNB. Invest in Quint today and earn interest!

4. Nexo

APR Offered on Cryptos 

Up to 16% (Depends on the assets)

Lock-In Period

Flexible (lock-in period or flexible access)

Deposit Limits

Minimum: $50

Maximum: $2,000,000

Additional Rewards

Highest tiers earn high rewards

Frequency of Interest Payout 


Security Features

Nexo partners with BitGo, Ledger, Bakkt and others.

256-bit Military-Grade Encryption

Nexo is a European fintech company that provides instant crypto credit lines. It is one of the space's oldest and most established players. Nexo has built a loyal customer base over the years by providing competitive interest rates and a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies.

Nexo is the best crypto interest account as customers can earn up to 36% per year on their savings accounts. Nexo is a popular crypto lender that has lent over $400 million up till now. All client cryptocurrency deposits are kept in cold storage as part of their multiple security measures because they take security seriously.

Nexo - Best Crypto Interest Account

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the platform, which has partnerships with major names such as Binance, Cred, Bitfinex, and others.

Overall, Nexo is the best crypto savings account for those seeking to earn interest on their crypto. The company is well-regulated and a reliable choice. The fact that they offer loan, exchange, and card services in their app also helps. This makes them a super app for all things crypto.

5. OKX

APR Offered on Cryptos


Lock-In Period

Flexible withdrawals (or 90 days)

Deposit Limits

Varies for different assets

Additional Rewards


Frequency of Interest Payout 


Security Features

Uses industry-standard security practices. 

Fully encrypted communications

OKX offers the best crypto interest account and the platform is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges. It has over 20 million users trading on over 300 top cryptos. OKX offers many ways to earn interest on crypto, in addition to its advanced trading tools and low fees for buying crypto.

OKX provides crypto savings account with up to 300% APY. Tether and USD Coin earn 10% APY with no lock-in periods, whereas Bitcoin and Ethereum earn 5% APY in an OKX savings account. Hundreds of coins are supported, and all interest is paid out hourly, allowing investors to begin compounding their returns quickly.

OKX - Best Crypto Interest Accounts

OKX also provides crypto staking on a variety of popular tokens such as Shiba Inu, Ethereum Classic, and Ripple. Staking rates of up to 12% APY are available, and all coins are locked for 90 days. Staking on Ethereum 2.0 is also available at a rate of 4.09% APY.

Finally, OKX offers "flash deals." These are limited-time offers for investors to stake an in-demand token for a few days and potentially earn high-interest rates. One flash deal, for example, offers a 500% APY for staking Bitcoin for 5 days.

OKX has its mobile crypto wallet, which allows investors to safely store their coins when they are not staked to the exchange.

APR Offered on Cryptos

Asset-specific APR

Non-Stablecoins: Up to 25%

Stablecoins: Up to 7%

Lock-In Period

Flexible (lock-in period or flexible access)

Deposit Limits

Minimum: 1 lot

Maximum: 100,000 (Varies by currency)

Additional Rewards

A higher APR is available at higher tiers.

Frequency of Interest Payout 


Security Features

UK trading licence application

Money transmitter licence in multiple US states

Binance has a great crypto ecosystem. It's one of the best crypto exchanges for traders, HODLers, and investors. Also, the platform includes debit cards, leveraged products, online courses, loans, and its digital currency, BNB. Its major exchange has the greatest daily trading volume in the industry.

Moreover, it also offers the best crypto interest account with its feature-rich website that links fiat and crypto. New Binance customers can get $50 free with a referral code. In terms of supported coins and returns, Binance also offers one of the top crypto interests.

Binance - Best Crypto Interest Account

The Binance Savings/Interest account offers a diverse range of lending options, which include main digital currency coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance USD, and earning interest on USDT. Binance offers 12% and 18% APYs on Luna and Polkadot. Like other crypto interest accounts, APYs depend on lock-up terms.

Users can choose between a Fixed Deposit and a Flexible Deposit, with slightly distinct crypto interest rates. A flexible deposit enables you to withdraw funds at any time at a variable interest rate. This kind of interest account will be appealing to traders who want to earn a return on their cryptocurrency portfolio while they wait for a trade setup.

Crypto Savings Accounts vs Crypto Wallets

Crypto wallets are where you keep your crypto assets. They can be software or hardware. Crypto savings accounts are like traditional savings accounts, but with crypto coins instead of fiat currency.

Crypto wallets are generally more secure than crypto savings accounts. Your assets are stored offline in a wallet, making it less susceptible to hacking. However, if you lose your crypto wallet, you will lose access to your crypto.

Cryptocurrency savings accounts are less secure than wallets but offer more flexibility. A crypto savings account allows you to deposit, hold, and earn interest on your digital assets. The best crypto interest accounts offer high rates, low fees, and a user-friendly platform. These accounts are a great way to grow your assets.


Tips for keeping your money safe in a crypto interest account

When it comes to money, there is no such thing as too much security. The same goes for your crypto interest account. Here are a few tips to help you keep your money safe in an interest account:

1. Choose a reputable provider: Choose a trusted provider for your crypto interest account. There are several ways to study a supplier, so be attentive. The providers we listed are one of the best and most trustworthy.

2. Keep your account information safe: Keep your account information safe. That means protecting your login and account credentials. If you think someone has your password, update it quickly.

3. Monitor your account regularly: Even if you trust your provider, it's important to monitor your account regularly. This way, you can spot any suspicious activity right away and take action if necessary.

4. Don't store all of your eggs in one basket: It is a basic money concept, but it's especially critical for crypto interest accounts. Regardless of how secure you believe a certain account to be, you should not place all of your funds in it. Spread your money out so you don't put all your eggs in one basket.

5. Use a strong password: Use a strong password for your crypto account. Using letters, numbers, and symbols. Stronger passwords increase security.

These tips will keep your crypto interest account safe. Even the best security measures aren't foolproof. So, always be careful and aware when it comes to your money.


FAQs about crypto interest accounts

Which crypto wallet gives the most interest?

Many different wallets offer interest on your deposited cryptocurrency, but the amount of interest varies from wallet to wallet. Some of the most popular wallets that give you interest on your deposited coins include Nexo Wallet, and

What is the safest way to earn interest on crypto?

You can earn interest on your crypto in many ways, but some methods are safer than others. One of the safest ways is by using a crypto interest account. These accounts allow you to store your crypto in a secure account and earn interest on it without having to worry about the volatility of the market.

Is using crypto savings accounts safe, and do they have FDIC insurance?

When it comes to saving accounts, most people are used to the idea of keeping their money in a bank account. After all, banks are insured by the FDIC, so your money is safe if the bank fails. But what about crypto savings accounts? Are they safe? No, the FDIC only guarantees deposits in insured banks and savings associations (insured institutions), and FDIC insurance only protects against failure losses.

That said, some crypto interest account providers may offer some form of insurance, so it’s always best to check with the provider to see what kind of protection is offered.

How to earn high interest on crypto?

To earn high interest on your crypto, you will need to find a reputable interest account provider that offers competitive rates. You can any of the above six listed providers then you will need to create an account and deposit your crypto into the account. Once your funds are in the account, you will be able to earn interest on them.

Final thoughts

Crypto investors can now utilise crypto lending platforms to obtain passive interest on their Bitcoin, other cryptos, and stablecoin assets. Long-term crypto investors can now make more money without having to sell or liquidate their holdings.

We hope you found our information about the top sites to earn interest on your crypto useful. If you're comfortable sending crypto from your digital wallet to an online lending provider, you'll love the compound interest. The process is simple and quick, making it an excellent option for increasing cryptocurrency assets.

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