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Best Crypto Staking Platform

With the Best crypto staking platform, you can invest in various cryptocurrencies. The platform lets you track your investment portfolio and performance over time. Investors adore earning passive income, but many industry experts argue that cryptocurrencies cannot serve as a source of income. That's not exactly accurate.

The cryptocurrency that you currently own can generate interest income through staking and a few rewards programs. The best crypto staking platforms for 2022 are researched in this guide and explain how this blockchain segment works.

10 Top crypto staking platforms

Best overall

Binance - Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards 

Up to 5% on stablecoin 

Up to 104.62 % on non-stablecoins.

Staking Fees


Lock-In Period

Flexible, 10, 30, 60, or 90 days

Multiple currencies

Gemini logo Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards 

Up to 8.05% 

Staking Fees

0.5% - 3.99% 

(depending on payment method and platform)

Lock-In Period

No Lock-In Period

Low staking fees

BitStamp logo -Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards 

Up to 5% of APY

Staking Fees

No direct fees. Commission is taken from the total reward pool (15% of the rewards)

Lock-In Period

ALGO: No lock in period, ETH 2.0: Until the upgrade is complete

Best for US users

eToro logo Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards 

Differs monthly for ADA, TRX, and ETH2.0*

Staking Fees

Dependable; with a fee of a small percentage of the yield.

Lock-In Period

No lock-in period, flexible withdrawals

Easy to use

Coinbase logo -Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards

Up to 5.75% APY

Staking Fees

25% commission on cryptocurrency earnings

Lock-In Period

Vary by asset

Automatic staking

MyCointainer -Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards

Average up to 14.98% annually

Staking Fees

Differs depending up on assets ( Average Around 2%)

Lock-In Period

No lock-in period

For on-chain staking

Kraken logo -Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards

Up to 23% annually (Varies by cryptocurrencies)

Staking Fees

For Stablecoins: 0.9% Flat Fee

Other cryptos: 1.5%

Lock-In Period

No lock-in period

Flexible withdrawals

Crypto.com logo Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards

Up to 8.5% on Stablecoins; USDT, USDC, DAI, etc 

Up to 14.5% on Non-Stablecoins; BTC, ETH, CRO, LTC, etc

Staking Fees

Depends on assets

Lock-In Period

3 months, 1 month, or flexible

Best for outside US

AQRU - Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit


Staking Rewards

Up to 7% on Stablecoins:  USDC Maple, USDC: 3%, 

BTC, ETH up to 1%, Maple ETH: 5%

Staking Fees

Free, only crypto withdrawal fee: 20% 

Lock-In Period

No lock-in period 

High interest rate

DeFi Swap Logo -Best crypto staking platform - DCA Profit

DeFi Swap

Staking Rewards

On DeFi Coin: 30-75% APY

Staking Fees

Extremely low fees (such as $0.11on 4,000 DEFC)

Lock-In Period

30, 90, 180, or 365 days

What is Crypto Staking?

One tactic that allows for passive income generation is staking. Crypto Staking is transferring or locking up crypto holdings to validate blockchain transactions according to the Proof of Stake, or "PoS" protocol. An investor locks up assets while earning rewards or "interest" in return.

Crypto staking is similar to depositing money in a bank. A network's protocol locks up an investor's holdings, like depositing money in a bank and agreeing not to withdraw it for a set time. It benefits the network in different manners.

Everyone who builds a new block is rewarded. Verified transactions update the blockchain. Proof of stake is needed for staking cryptocurrencies that support it. Staking benefits you with tokens and voting rights.

Consider the rates at which you can earn rewards, how often they're paid out, how easy it is to withdraw your holdings, and the number of eligible cryptocurrencies when choosing a staking or rewards platform.

How does cryptocurrency staking work?

The cryptocurrency staking process locks up the crypto assets to support a blockchain network's security and operations and confirm transactions. Stakeholders get a share of the network's block rewards in exchange for staking their crypto coins. The rewards can be newly minted coins, transaction fees, or a combination. It works with proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies.

A lock-up period is required when you stake crypto through a blockchain node. Until the lock-up period ends, you can't withdraw your crypto assets.

Remember that crypto mining and staking are two ways to earn rewards on cryptocurrency investments. Miners verify and add transactions to the blockchain. In return for their work, miners get new coins. Staking is a way to support a blockchain network by holding funds in a wallet. Stakers are rewarded for their work with a share of transaction fees.

On-chain staking vs. off-chain staking

The process of crypto staking can be started on-chain or off-chain. On-chain staking involves staking your tokens directly on the blockchain. It is best for those with advanced cryptocurrency knowledge.

Beginners who want to keep things simple should use an off-chain staking provider. All of the best staking platforms we will review here below offer off-chain services, so no prior experience is needed.

A simple but necessary question: How do I stake crypto?

Before digging deeper into the concept, let us make clear how you can stake your cryptocurrency. The process of staking your crypto will vary depending on which platform you use. In general, though, you will need to:

1. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to stake.

2. Buy the cryptocurrency and deposit it into a wallet that supports staking. You might want to use the best anonymous wallets on the market.

3. Select a staking pool or platform.

4. Stake your cryptocurrency and wait for your staking rewards!

Keep reading because now you will explore all of the concepts and eventually discover the best staking platforms.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Crypto Staking


Without doing any work, you can earn staking rewards by holding cryptocurrencies.
Staking can generate more passive income than mining or trading.
Depending on the platform, you can stake different cryptocurrencies to diversify your investment portfolio. 
It can serve as an asset against inflation because staked tokens are less volatile than the market as a whole.
You can stake extra crypto tokens to use otherwise unused crypto digital assets.
It can secure the cryptocurrency you're staking (for example, by validating transactions on a Proof of Stake blockchain).
Staking can increase the price of the cryptocurrency you hold, as more people buy it to stake and earn staking rewards.
You can earn interest on staked crypto.
Fun and interesting way to learn about cryptocurrencies!


While crypto staking offers benefits, it's important to understand the risks before making any decisions. Staking crypto can be fun and profitable if you're careful and do your research.

Staking cryptocurrency requires a minimum amount (for example, 1 ETH on Ethereum 2.0).
Most staking crypto platforms distribute rewards monthly or annually, which can be long.
Your rewards depend on the performance of the cryptocurrency you stake.
Your cryptocurrency-staking platform could be hacked or shut down, causing you to lose your investment.
To keep staked tokens active, you may need to keep your computer or mobile device online.
Staking is a demanding, technical process not for everyone.
Your rewards may be taxed, depending on your jurisdiction.
You may need to know about cryptocurrencies to stake them successfully.

5 Key Features of Best Crypto Staking Platforms That Make It Stand Out

Best crypto staking platforms should have the following features:

Ease of Use

Best Crypto Staking Platform is easy to use. The framework should be easy for new and experienced users. Tasks should be simple to execute with a few clicks.


High security is another trait of the best crypto staking platforms. Platforms should use industry-leading security to keep user data, crypto assets, and funds safe.

Wide Selection of Cryptocurrencies

Best Crypto Staking Platform offers many cryptocurrencies for investment. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others are included.

Flexible Investment Options

Best Crypto Staking Platform is easy to use. The framework should be easy for new and experienced users. Tasks should be simple to execute with a few clicks.

Excellent Customer Support

High security is another trait of the best crypto staking platforms. Platforms should use industry-leading security to keep user data, crypto assets, and funds safe.

The best crypto staking platform must offer low fees and all features, staking options, and benefits without sacrificing security or customer support. So users can choose the best one.

The 10 best crypto staking platforms

After reviewing staking fees, lock-in conditions, staking reward system, security checks, and usability, we assembled a list of the 10 best staking platforms.

1.   Binance

Binance is our top staking platform, launched in 2017, and is the world's largest digital asset exchange. Binance Earn is its crypto-staking platform. It has many passive income options.

'Locked staking' stakes your coins for a set time, then returns them. Binance also offers DeFi staking for a limited number of currencies, but an outside organization does this.

Binance requires users to lock up their tokens for a minimum of 14 days to begin earning rewards, which are distributed daily. The staking rewards range from 3% to 15%, depending on the staked asset.

Types of staking 

Flexible, Locked, and Defi



Min & Max Staking Amounts

Varies depending on the coin

Additional Rewards 


Security & Regulation

UK trading license application.

Multiple US states issue money transmitter licenses

1. Binance - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


Wide variety of staking options (100+ coins)
Flexible staking durations
No lock-in period
Low staking fees
Security features like 2FA and cold storage
Competitive staking rewards 


Minimum stake amounts vary by coin
Identity verification may be required for some
Not available in all countries

2.   Gemini

Gemini is an exchange and custodian for digital assets like bitcoin, ether, and zcash. The Gemini exchange is famous for crypto staking. The platform doesn't list lockup or staking fees. Crypto staking rewards cap at 8.05 percent APY. It can stake stablecoins and no hidden fees when staking crypto on Gemini.

Gemini offers rewards for over 40 cryptocurrencies. Gemini has liquidity limits; users can request their cryptocurrencies anytime but must wait five business days to receive them. Rewards are distributed daily.

Min & Max Staking Amounts

Varies depending on the coin

Additional Rewards 


Security & Regulation

Certified ISO 27001.

3rd party security evaluations, including SOC2 Type 2 and  annual penetration testing.

2. Gemini - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


Offers one of the lowest staking fees (0.5%)
No lock-in period
Security features like 2FA and multi-sig wallets
User-friendly interface and mobile app
Stake in multiple currencies
Frequent payouts (daily or weekly)
Can withdraw at any time 


High staking fee, however dependable (0.5% - 3.99%) 

3.   BitStamp

Bitstamp is a Luxembourg-based bitcoin exchange. It enables trading between fiat currency and bitcoin. Also, they provide a variety of services, including crypto staking.

Crypto staking on Bitstamp is simple. You need to purchase the cryptocurrency you want to stake and deposit it into your account. Bitstamp will then convert it into staking-compatible units and store it in a separate account.

Bitstamp charges a low fee for staking services. You can withdraw your cryptocurrency anytime, but you will forfeit any staking rewards that have not been paid out yet.

Min & Max Staking Amounts

Visit to check amounts

Additional Rewards 


Security & Regulation

Regulated by the CSSF in Luxembourg.

Maintains strict AML policies.

Follows a VASP in its operating country.

3. BitStamp - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


Start staking from the lowest staking fees 
Stake any amount of currency
Frequent payouts (daily or weekly)
Withdraw your earnings anytime


A small number of supported currencies

4.   eToro

One of the most prominent online brokers is eToro. They provide diverse assets, including stocks, ETFs, cryptos, and others.

With their new crypto staking feature, you can now earn rewards simply for holding specific cryptocurrencies. eToro currently supports Ethereum 2, Cardano, and Tron staking, with NEO, Tezos, and EOS on the way.

Just keep it on the platform to stake the coin, as with Cardano and Tron. Your APY is determined by your membership level, with Diamond Club members receiving 90% of their yield.



Min & Max Staking Amounts

USD equivalent with a monthly staking reward of at least $1

Additional Rewards 

Relatively high club tiers retain more staking rewards.

Security & Regulation


Authorization by FINRA and FinCEN

4. eToro - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


Low fees & Easy to use
No lock-in period
The minimum stake is just $1
Can unstake at any time
Attractive referral program


Not available in many countries
Customer service is limited.
Few crypto currencies supported

5.   Coinbase

Coinbase is a leading US Bitcoin exchange. The platform is a Nasdaq public company. The platform's beginner-friendly approach to crypto trading has been carried over to staking coins. Coinbase lets crypto investors profit from select digital assets with a few clicks.

To stake, move funds into the 'vault' on this platform. If you're crypto-staking a particular type of crypto coin, this may mean locking them up for a set period. The platform is intuitive and secure, but staking fees are high.


Depending on the asset, it can range from daily to weekly.

Min & Max Staking Amounts

Varies based on the asset; there is no minimum for ETH

Additional Rewards 


Security & Regulation

The SEC regulates it.

NASDAQ-listed platform

5. Coinbase - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


User-friendly staking process
A wide range of supported currencies
Lucrative rewards for stakes
Renowned and trusted platform.
Security features are robust.
Good customer support


Slightly expensive, tricky fees.
Using a different Coinbase platform lowers fees.

6.   MyCointainer

MyCointainer lets you store your coins in one wallet and earn additional income. It offers deposits, masternodes, airdrops, cashback, etc. MyCointainer has high ARYs and competitive reward fees, and you're only charged if you earn yields.

The platform offers automatic and shared masternode staking. Masternodes in a blockchain network have a more significant stake, do different things, and earn higher rewards.

It is governed by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). It lets you stake your personal wallet. Using private keys is safer than regular staking. MyCointainer has detailed guides for this.

Transparency is added by clearly stating coin staking fees. Yes, you can compound rewards to increase profitability. Users get the best staking deal, limited Masternodes, and 100% staking rewards.

Min & Max Staking Amounts

Minimum: Depends on the asset 

Maximum: Not stated

Payout Frequency


Additional Rewards 

EarnBack offers airdrops, giveaways, and cashback.

Security & Regulation

MyCointainer, based in Estonia, only offers services in local jurisdictions by following local regulations. Legal licence no. FVT000255

6. MyCointainer - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


It has an easy-to-use interface.
Wallet management and fiat exchange are licenced.
No minimum investment. This beats solo masternode staking.
Users get a welcome bonus of coins that show how to stake when they register.


Minimum amount of withdrawal

7.   Kraken

US-based Kraken is another crypto staking access point. Kraken offers a large number of digital assets for trading.

Its staking library is impressive. Users can make money from over 12 digital assets, including proof-of-work network Bitcoin. Kraken gives staking perks for fiat currency like the Euro and USD.

Kraken allows 'off-chain' staking. It means you're simulating 'on-chain' stake rewards. However, it's limited to certain customers, mostly based on location. Off-chain staking isn't limited to proof-of-stake crypto since you're not using the blockchain. Bitcoin and fiat currencies like the dollar or euro can be bet.

Kraken's staking rewards are available for over a dozen cryptocurrencies; some exceed 23% per year. 

Types of staking

On-chain and Off-chain staking

Min & Max Staking Amounts

Varies by crypto


Twice a week

Security & Regulation

FinCEN regulates Kraken's safety.

7. kraken - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


Instant rewards when you stake assets; no lockups.
Every Kraken asset earns interest twice a week.
Can earn 20% annually.
13 assets offer staking rewards; on-chain assets require no minimum time.


Waiting period for Ethereum 2.0 stake

8.   Crypto.com

Crypto.com was launched in 2016 and now has millions of clients. It also offers crypto staking and is one of the best staking platform. Crypto.com primarily serves U.S. users through mobile apps, and staking and rewards programs vary by app.

The platform says returns can be as high as 12.5%, depending upon the lock up period of your crypto. Crypto.com has some staking and rewards offerings on its independent DeFi Wallet application.

Its main Crypto.com app pays out rewards on 50 cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers digital asset loans, crypto credit cards, debit cards, and NFT markets.

Types of staking

Defi, Flexible

Min & Max Staking Amounts

Minimum: Dependable on coin 0.005 BTC, 0.15 ETH; maximum: $500,000 

Payout Frequency


Additional Rewards 

APR rises with staked CRO.

Security & Regulation

NIST Cybersecurity Tier 4 evaluation.

Kudelski Security has stress-tested it.

8. Crypto.com - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


250+ currencies.
Tiered maker-taker fees up to 0.40 %.
Crypto staking can earn 14.5 %.
Blockchain-based crypto ecosystem.
Create a wallet with your private keys


Minimum deposit or withdrawal is 500 USDC

9.   AQRU

AQRU is a great way to earn crypto interest. AQRU staking platform is easy to use. You can access your crypto staking account via the Aqru mobile app.

This top crypto lending platform accepts fiat and digital tokens. Both EUR and GBP are included. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins like USDC and USDC Maple.

Returns depend on the crypto you stake. Supported stablecoins pay up to 7% annually. Bitcoin and Ethereum yield 1% annually with no lock-in.

Aqru's fiat currency withdrawals are free. Aqru's $20 withdrawal fee may make it unsuitable for small investments.

Types of staking


Min & Max Staking Amounts

Minimum: €100 (£110.80), no maximum stated.

Security & Regulation Features

Governed by the Republic of Lithuania.

Lithuania's law for VASP

10. AQRU - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit10. AQRU - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


The US users can't use Aqru. We suggest eToro if you're in the US and want to stake crypto.
User-friendly interface.
Large deposits get good rates.
Structure and regulation are clear.
No-tier savings base rate. Balance-wide rate.
AQRU-exclusive Product trend


Withdrawals cost $20.
Supports a few coins.
Manually cash savings accounts instead of auto-interesting deposits.

10.   DeFi Swap

DeFi Swap is a cryptocurrency exchange and farming platform. It's designed to support staking of DeFi Coin (DEFC). DeFi Swap makes idle tokens earn interest. Connect your wallet to DeFi Swap and choose a token to stake. Competitive APYs and flexible staking lock-ups.

The platform allows you to stake for 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 365 days. You can earn 30% to 75% APY depending on how long you lock your coins.

 DeFi Swap lets you buy DeFi Coin with stablecoins, boosting the returns on USDC and USDT. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and more can be exchanged.

Payout Frequency


Min & Max Staking Amounts 

 No minimum or maximum

Security & Regulation Features

Highly centralized exchange

Additional Rewards 

Buying and selling fees are returned to DEFC token holders.

10. Defi Swap - Review for best staking platform - DCA Profit


You stake 4,000 DeFi Coin tokens for 180 days, earning 60%.
DeFi Coin is $0.40 when staking begins. You're staking $1,600 in crypto.
180 days later, 4,000 tokens are returned.
DeFi Coin is now $1 per token, amplifying your returns.


Limited staking options

Different means to start crypto staking

Crypto staking can be initiated in many ways using different crypto staking platforms. Let's take a look at some of the more commonly known. Choose a staking method that suits you best.

Dedicated staking service provider/ Saas

The first way is to join a staking provider. These companies offer staking wallets and platforms. You will usually need to buy their tokens to use their services.

Staking as a Service (SaaS) eliminates many staking risks. They do this by hiring a staking service provider they can trust. They identify and execute profitable investments for stakeholders. The service simplifies the staking process. They create a centralized system where big companies have too much power. 

Staking grants voting rights over a coin's governance. SaaS providers may vote differently, causing a conflict. As a result, not everything sacrificed for convenience may be obvious.


Buy a cryptocurrency you want to hold and send it to an crypto exchange that supports staking. When crypto coins are deposited, they are automatically converted into staking-compatible units and held in a special exchange account. You just sell your tokens back to the exchange to close your position.

Crypto exchanges usually charge a fee for staking services. If you use an exchange, you don't hold your cryptocurrency's keys. You're trusting the exchange to do it for you.

Smart contract platform

The third way to begin staking is using a smart contract platform like Ethereum. A variety of protocols and projects allow you to stake ETH or other ERC-20 tokens in exchange for a return.

Crypto Lending Platforms

Use a lending platform to start staking. These platforms connect borrowers and lenders and let you use cryptocurrencies as collateral for loans. If a borrower fails to pay, you get their tokens. Interested in the idea? Read out our Best Crypto Lending Platforms blog to know our top picks.

Mining pool / Staking Pools

Use a mining pool or staking pool to start staking. Pools of miners work together to mine blocks and earn rewards. You can often stake cryptocurrencies for a share of the rewards.


Last, Decentralized Finance is the conceptual flip side. DeFi allows you to stake using a 'smart contract,' which executes when certain conditions are met. DeFi utilizes a blockchain to enable financial product trade. DeFi staking gives investors a passive income without asking them to work with invisible, possibly corrupt organizations.

FAQs about staking cryptocurrencies

Which crypto pays the most for staking?

This is a dynamic question with no definitive answer. Earnings from crypto staking depend on the coin and how long you stake it. 

The longer you bet, the bigger your reward. Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM), NEO (NEO), and Cardano are popular staking cryptocurrencies (ADA).

Why should I stake my cryptocurrencies?

To earn passive income, people stake cryptocurrencies. Crypto staking coins lock them up for a while. You'll be rewarded.

What is the difference between mining and crypto staking?

The main dissimilarity between staking crypto and mining is that mining requires expensive equipment and a lot of electricity. 

Staking doesn't need any special tools and only uses a small amount of electricity.

What is the difference between staking and trading?

When you stake crypto, you lock it up for a specific time. It is the main difference between crypto staking and trading. If you do this, you will get something in return. When you trade a cryptocurrency, you buy and sell it so that you can make money.

How long do I have to wait to receive my rewards?

The time to receive crypto staking rewards depends on the coin you stake. Some coins give instant rewards, while others make you wait.

How do I know if a platform is safe to use?

When selecting a staking platform to use, you should ensure that it is reputable. It can be accomplished by reading reviews and conducting your own research.

Is there a minimum amount that I can stake?

The minimum bet varies by coin and staking platform. Some platforms have a minimum amount, and others don't.


There are many ways to start crypto staking, each with benefits and drawbacks. To choose a staking platform, consider your needs and goals. Also, the best crypto staking platforms we found for you offer flexible programs, you can withdraw your staking coins anytime.

Crypto staking could be the best choice if you want to have a say in how a certain cryptocurrency is governed. Our top pick is Binance because of various crypto staking options it provides and high security.

If you want to maximize your return on investment, consider using a platform like Crypto.com. MyCointainer could be a good option if you want a more hands-off approach. All the above listed picks are excellent crypto staking platforms. Each has its own distinct features, so read our reviews carefully before deciding which is best for you.

Crypto staking can help you earn additional income and grow your crypto portfolio, but it's risky. We hope this guide has helped you understand the best crypto staking platforms and how to get started.