It is promising to pick the best crypto trading course for your needs. As crypto is a digital currency based on blockchain technology and a great option for global trading as there are no barriers. Most young successful people own crypto, so individuals are looking for ways to become crypto millionaires. You may also be encouraged to begin crypto day trading.

To be a smart trader, you must learn about this emerging market quickly because crypto is based on open-source and peer-to-peer (P2P) markets.

Learn advanced trading strategies, technical analysis, bitcoin trading, and other trading skills with the 18 best crypto trading courses. These crypto courses will help you get on the journey to a lucrative part-time or full-time income.

Review for 18 Cryptocurrency Trading Courses

Top 18 courses - DCA Profit

10 Best for Beginner Crypto Traders

Let's check out the best cryptocurrency trading courses;

1. Introduction to Digital Currency 

  • Instructors

Sarah Hammer and Jessica Wachter

  • Price


This course from the University of Pennsylvania gives a broad-based introduction to the digital currency space. It covers the technical aspects of cryptos like Bitcoin, as well as the economic implications and regulatory environment.

Introduction to Digital Currency - Best crypto trading course

The goal of this course is to help both individuals and businesses successfully invest in crypto. Jessica Wachter and Sarah Hammer are two experts on the topics of crypto and blockchain technology. They will help you build a basic understanding. Moreover, how to evaluate the potential advantages and risks of crypto in a modern investing portfolio.

You will finish this crypto course with a great basic knowledge. Also, how to make crypto a profitable part of your overall financial strategy. Thus it is the best crypto trading course for new traders.

2. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals by Udemy

  • Instructor

George Levy

  • Price

$84.99 (but often on sale, visit to check the price!)

Among the best cryptocurrency courses is crypto fundamentals. You'll know how to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency in under two hours. There are important topics like how to keep your crypto safe from hackers and how to read crypto candlestick price charts.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals by Udemy - best crypto trading course

George defines crypto trading terminology such as initial coin offerings, market cap, proof of stake, and so on. Every ambitious crypto trader must initiate with a firm grasp of the industry's foundational concepts. You will learn how to trade crypto assets using a set of rules after the course.

This is an introductory course, so it's short and helpful. It covers all the basics to trade digital currencies. Thus, it's a good option to see if crypto is for you or if you want to switch to some other type of trading.

3. One Core Program by Asia Forex Mentor

  • Instructor

Ezekiel Chew

  • Price


Asia Forex Mentor hosts the One Core Program, which is delivered by Ezekiel Chew. Ezekiel is a skilled trader who focuses on teaching his students a new trading strategy applicable to any asset. Since Ezekiel calls this a "paradigm shift," users can skip everything they thought you understood about trading.

One Core Program by Asia Forex Mentor - Best crypto trading course

The best thing is that the course isn't only for cryptocurrency trading; every technique you learn here can be used for any type of trading. You could diversify your portfolio by beginning to invest in cryptos today, moving on to forex, and then investing in stocks.

This cryptocurrency trading course focuses on tactics that will help you earn the most money. About 60 video lectures on trading techniques break down complex concepts to make them easier to understand. It assures everyone can succeed in trading. Try out One Core Program, the best crypto trading course present now.

4. Moralis Academy Basic Courses 

Moralis Academy logo
  • Price

Basic courses: $22 each, 14 days of free trial

Crypto for Beginner Traders

If you are a new trader, this is the best crypto trading course to take. You will acquire knowledge on the buying, selling, and trading of crypto, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

  • Instructor

Mitchell Eger

Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals

This course contains all the materials you'll need to master Crypto and Web3 from the ground up. Ivan delivered this course to business leaders all around the world.

  • Instructor

Ivan Liljeqvist

Ethereum Fundamentals

You will gain an understanding of the Ethereum Blockchain's fundamentals. Learn about how it works, how it differs from Bitcoin, and also what are Smart Contracts.

  • Instructor

Ivan Liljeqvist

Other basic courses include Bitcoin Monetary Revolution, Build a Wallet On Ethereum and more. All these best crypto courses are for people who have little crypto knowledge and want to enter the field. Students with a premium subscription can access all lessons, including advanced cryptocurrency training for DeFi and NFTs.

5. FastLane Traders

  • Instructor


  • Price

$86.61 / month, $7.95 sign-up fee, 7-day free trial

(Different price packages are available)

Fast Lane Trading teaches tried-and-true trading strategies for both novice and experienced traders. Fast Lane Traders was created to help aspiring day traders get started with day trading cryptocurrency. 

FastLane Traders - Best crypto trading course

It is best for individuals who do not know how to read charts. You can quickly learn effective strategies to begin successful day trading.

Fast Lane Traders offers: 

  • Active alerts

  • 5-module trading course

  • A Discord channel

  • A basic dashboard

6. RocketFuel Cryptocurrency Course

  • Instructors

Robert Kiyosaki & Jeff Wang

  • Price

$47 per month, 7-day trial

RocketFuel Crypto is an educational platform for everyone interested in entering the crypto market but unaware of where to begin.

You will receive the three pillars of crypto trading when you sign up for RocketFuel: Education, Analysis, and Community. These 3 sections will help you learn about the crypto market and build your portfolio.

RocketFuel Cryptocurrency Course - Best crypto trading course

Create an account, join Telegram, view the videos, read the weekly updates, and interact with the Telegram community. Consider RocketFuel as your full-time broker/assistant. The website does not offer investment advice, but it educates you on profitable habits and best practices in the crypto space.

7. Bulls on Crypto Street 

  • Instructor

Kunal Desai 

  • Price


Bulls on Crypto Street offers a free course and a paid Bootcamp for traders. The Bootcamp aims to teach investors how to skillfully trade digital assets such as metaverseNFTs, and DeFi cryptos. The best crypto trading course is now open for free enrollment, and members will receive trade alerts via a dedicated Discord server.

Bulls on Crypto Street - Best crypto trading course

The full course includes more than a hundred lectures on the subject of digital asset trading. Plus, permanent access to the Bulls on Crypto Discord channel, a Q&a with the CEO, and crypto trades in real-time.

8. Complete Crypto Investment Course 

  • Instructors

Mohsen Hassan & Bloom Team

  • Price

$84.99 (Often on sale, visit to check the price!)

It is the best crypto trading course and excellent for gaining a thorough grasp of Blockchain. After completing this course, you will be able to purchase crypto, transfer it, and secure it in various wallets. You will also understand how to buy any coin or altcoin on various exchanges.

Complete Crypto Investment Course - Best crypto trading course

Furthermore, when it comes to investment management, you will be ready to analyze to identify entry points as well as basic analysis to choose the best coins to invest in. This course has also been used by companies such as Nasdaq and Eventbrite to educate their employees.

You'll learn how to create the best Crypto Portfolio and advanced investment management techniques like re-balancing. With this information, you can use a variety of resources and tools to improve your reward-to-risk ratio.

9. Bitcoin and Crypto Technologies by Princeton University 

  • Instructor

Arvind Narayanan

  • Price


This course is perfect for beginners who want to discover about Bitcoin and get answers to frequently asked questions such as:

  • How private are Bitcoin users?

  • What makes Bitcoin unique?

  • What factors influence Bitcoin prices?

  • Can cryptocurrencies be governed?

Bitcoin and Crypto Technologies by Princeton University - Best crypto trading course

You will leave this course with the knowledge to assess claims made about Bitcoin and other cryptos. Also, determine whether or not they are grounded in reality. Plus, you will have the conceptual foundations needed to create secure software that cooperates with the Bitcoin network. You will also be able to use Bitcoin's concepts in your work.

10. Wallets, Investing and Trading Masterclass

  • Instructor

Jason Gandy

  • Price

$84.99 (Often on sale, visit to check the price!)

As crypto grows in popularity around the world, more people are taking notice of this advanced technology. This detailed course will teach you everything you need to know to confidently invest in crypto.

Wallets, Investing and Trading Masterclass - Best crypto trading course

This Udemy crypto course is quite broad, and the modules will be useful to market participants as they teach the following essentials:

  • How to set up cryptocurrency wallets

  • How to withdraw bitcoins from ATMs or exchanges

  • Terminologies used in crypto space

  • Building an investment strategy and tips

  • Charts and technical analysis

Thus, this all makes it the best crypto trading course. You'll learn about digital currencies, how they work, and trading and investing modules.

8 Best for Professional Crypto Traders

Advanced Courses by Udemy

Udemy logo

All of Udemy's courses are usually available at large discounts; visit to check prices.

11. Technical Analysis Masterclass

  • Instructor

Wealthy Education

  • Price


The Technical Analysis Masterclass is intended to provide all of the necessary trading strategies and techniques for interpreting price swings. Therefore, you can start making more money right away and eventually become a very successful trader.

This course will teach you how to trade resistance and support correctly, that is the most major trade expertise you will require. You'll learn how to predict upward and downward breakouts simply by observing critical support and resistance levels.

Technical Analysis Masterclass - Best crypto trading course

Besides that, it contains a large number of modules with various technical analysis segments. The course goes into detail about some of the most important technical parts of crypto screening.

Support, resistance, candlesticks, chart patterns, trend lines, channels, moving averages, movement, and volatility are examples. Overall, it is one of the best crypto trading courses with a wealth of information that will help you start on to your next level of crypto knowledge.

12. Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Course

  • Instructor

Petko Aleksandrov

  • Price


It is the best crypto trading course for experts as it will provide you with one of the most advanced levels of knowledge regarding cryptocurrency trading. Also, how to use and maximise expert advisors for trading. You will learn how to:

  • Trade automatically

  • Diversify your risk.

  • Manage losses and adjust to market conditions

  • Use volatility to your advantage.

  • Change manual trading to automatic

  • Optimize your robots.

Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Course

Petko Aleksandrov, head instructor at EA Forex Academy, will deliver 12 Skilled Advisors (Robots) per month. Over the past two years, he has developed this algorithmic cryptocurrency trading strategy. To conduct bitcoin trading automatically, Mr Aleksandrov will guide you with every step and teach you everything you'll need to know in detail.

13. Sell Bitcoin Before The Fall

  • Instructor

Saad T.Hameed

  • Price


Since bitcoin is slowly falling and you are aware of this, why not understand how to short sell? Using technical analysis, you will learn how to short-sell Bitcoin and Cryptos and benefit after the market changes.

You will learn how to short-sell bitcoins when everyone is buying. This course popped up when Bitcoin started acting like a bubble. This course is dynamic as it teaches how to buy or sell against overall trade, a really advanced strategy. 

Sell Bitcoin Before The Fall by Udemy

Many people who took this course may have profited greatly from Bitcoin's fall. Although Bitcoin has already gone down, the information may apply to other cryptos. The course includes:

  • How to Aim High While Taking Less Risk

  • Making short selling a part of your trading toolkit

  • How to Find the Price Climax on a Chart

14. Trade Cryptocurrency With 3Commas, Cryptohopper, TradingView

  • Instructor

Thomais Way

  • Price


If you're considering purchasing a bot software, Thomais Way's course is another best crypto trading course available. He covers two well-known bot programs—Cryptohopper and 3Commas—during this 4.5-hour lesson. You'll learn the advantages of each programme. Also, how to automate your bots to trade crypto throughout the day and night according to your trading strategy.

Trade Cryptocurrency With 3Commas, Cryptohopper, TradingView by Udemy

Equally important, you'll learn how advanced algorithm trading can enable you to boost your chances of success with the help of TradingView. When Way will provide you with his advised bot configurations, he will motivate you to conduct technical analysis and determine the optimal structure.

Bots have made day trading digital currencies less time-consuming and hands-on. As a result, this is an excellent cryptocurrency course for those seeking passive income.

15. Advanced DeFi 201 by Moralis Academy

  • Instructor

Amadeo Brands

  • Price

Premium course: 58$ per month

This Advance DeFi 201 course from Moralis Academy is one of the best ways to learn about decentralized finance today. The course breaks down each DeFi building block so you can understand how the ecosystem works as a whole.

Advanced DeFi 201 by Moralis Academy - Best crypto trading course

This course is excellent for delving into advanced DeFi concepts and practices. Liquidity pools, flash loans, yield hacking, and other topics will be covered. It also gives you information about Black Thursday, hedge funds, Settlement Assurances, the Protocol Sink, and more.

Amadeo's expertise ranges from Defi Hedge Funds to Arbitrage and Flash Loans. You'll also learn how to use Flash Loans to profit from market opportunities and how DeFi contributes to a better, more truthful financial infrastructure.

After this course, you will have a strong insight into how to utilise DeFi protocols to your advantage and be able to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

16. Program Trading Algorithms

  • Instructor

Ivan Liljeqvist

  • Price

Premium course: 58$ per month

Every advanced trader requires the best crypto trading course since crypto trading is risky, thrilling, and eventually very lucrative. You will learn about trading strategies, risk management, and advanced analysis in this course. Ivan is the CEO and Founder of, a Web3 Growth tool that helps developers build easily on the blockchain. He is also a blockchain educator and speaker on a global scale.

Program Trading Algorithms - Best crypto trading course

Ivan and Filip walk you through the entire process of developing a trading strategy. You will discover how to interpret candlesticks, flags, moving averages, market dynamics, and a great deal more. Once you've completed this course, you'll be well-versed in managing risk and ready to dive headfirst into trading.

17. Tutorials by CoinTelegraph Markets Pro Academy

  • Instructor

Market Pros Team

  • Price

$99 per month

The CoinTelegraph Markets Pro Academy offers a variety of tutorials on topics related to cryptocurrency trading. You can get investor-grade technology and data with CoinTelegraph Markets Pro for a much better price.

You can track and screen any asset despite its value or movement. Traders can use this technology to cut costs and improve their user experience compared to older, more unintuitive systems.

CoinTelegraph Markets Pro Academy

This course teaches you how to use a single crypto algorithm to multiply even small sums of money into a fortune. Yes, if done right. Moreover, the course consists of news articles that will inform your trades, and a Discord community, in addition to written and video lectures that explain how the system functions.

When you use the platform, you pay $99 per month to get correct info on assets you own, want to buy, or want to research. Since you can find all the knowledge you should have in one place and make connections, it's easy to trade daily and get positive accuracy.

18. Master in NFT course by NAS Academy

  • Instructors

Ben Yu & Curious Addys

  • Price


Master NFTs in 7 Days is the best online crypto course for understanding, minting, buying, selling, and investing in NFTs. Ben Yu and Curious Addys instruct this twelve-hour course, which includes a live introduction and a graduation session.

Master in NFT course by NAS Academy - Best crypto trading course

However, students should already have a basic knowledge of crypto, as the course begins with an intro to NFT. You will get to know NFTs, why they're worth billions, and how they're resulting in a wave of innovation.

Ben's crypto course will then go over the essentials of purchasing an NFT. This section focuses on buying NFTs, learning about metaverse, and minting NFTs for free.

Next, the course covers strategies for buying NFTs using specialised NFT tools, the distinction between off-chain and on-chain data, and purchasing NFTs over the phone. There will also be advice on how to assess projects, find quality art, and save on gas costs. What's more, a monthly Question - and - answer session is an excellent chance to directly ask Ben any queries you may have.

How to choose the Best Crypto Trading Course for you

Look for courses that teach trading strategies, portfolio management, technical analysis, and other crypto basics. Depending on your professional or investing goals, choose the best crypto trading course. Students, academics, traders, investors, analyzers, and anyone interested in this technology have many options.

Free online cryptocurrency courses are available if you're short on cash. These are also useful for learning about basics. If you've learned the fundamentals and are looking for investment possibilities, consider a paid trading and analysis course.

Before enrolling in an online crypto course, consider if it fits your learning and goals.

  • What are the course's goals and topics?

  • Do students rate lecture quality and depth?

  • Is there a discount or a trial?

  • Career goals, purpose, and intended outcomes from a chosen cryptocurrency course.

Make Smart moves in the Crypto Market with a Course

People who get into cryptocurrency usually lack knowledge of the field. When prices go up, people buy more and more, which can lead to a burst and a downturn. The future of online transactions will likely involve cryptocurrency.

The fact remains that virtual currencies are currently not liquid. You can't pay bills, school or loans with them at most places. This lack of liquidity reduces crypto potential, resulting in Bitcoin's continuous drop from November 2021. With the right information and tools, though, you can make a good profit by trading cryptocurrency.

This is why we have mentioned the best crypto trading courses, to help people become more knowledgeable about the field and learn how to trade crypto like a pro. The 20 courses listed above are excellent to begin your learning adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do crypto trading courses cost?

A best crypto trading course can range from $50 one-time to $500-$1000 monthly. Monthly courses with question-and-answer forums are worth the fee.

You can find affordable courses online to begin, but improved training can help you earn more money trading crypto.

How do you become a successful crypto day trader?

Learn from the best with bitcoin courses like One Core from Asia Forex, and invest in a crypto trading exchange service for day trading. Learn from real communities of crypto day traders.

What are the best crypto courses for beginners?

We recommend Cryptocurrency Fundamentals by Udemy. It's a comprehensive course that covers all the basics of trading, and it's taught by an expert.

What are the other best resources for learning about crypto trading?

In addition to courses, there are several other great resources for learning about cryptocurrency trading. These include:

Online forums: There are many online forums devoted to cryptocurrency trading, and these can be great places to learn from experienced traders.

Social media: Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms can be valuable sources of information and analysis.

Blogs: There are many blogs written by experienced traders that offer helpful insights into the world of trading.

YouTube: YouTube can be a great place to learn about trading, as there are many helpful videos available.

Key Takeaways

Crypto trading can be profitable if you have the right information and tools. The best crypto trading course can help you become a thriving trader. When choosing a course, consider the topics covered, the depth of the lectures, and the quality of the lectures.

The best crypto courses for beginners are typically comprehensive and cover all the basics of trading. And a best crypto trading course for advanced traders is typically more specialized, focusing on a particular aspect of trading.

For trading cryptocurrencies, all these listed courses are the best to start. The best crypto trading course can provide you with both. Thus, when choosing a course, consider the quality of lectures and reviews, and if the topics fit your goals.

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