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Unless you are just living under a rock, you know that cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now. One key area that has seen a lot of growth in recent years is cryptocurrency APIs. They offer investors a new way to earn returns and developers a new way to build apps.

If you’re looking to get into the crypto market or develop crypto apps, it’s essential to understand the various APIs available. This blog post will introduce you to the best cryptocurrency APIs – an overview of each API and its pros and cons. So read and learn about the best crypto APIs out there.

So, what is a cryptocurrency API & how does it work?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API allows one application to interact with another based on a set of rules. The API documentation contains a set of rules that describe how an application can interact.

In the case of cryptocurrency, you can use these crypto APIs to get all the helpful information, like trade history, current market value, etc. These APIs make it easy to get data from crypto exchanges and wallets. Thus, you can start using crypto in your projects right away.

The 10 Best cryptocurrency APIs: For the developers & investors researching the crypto markets

API providers are the most important part of any app. They give developers the tools they need to create and come up with new ideas. And there is no shortage of API providers for cryptocurrency. So don't wait any longer: check out some of the best cryptocurrency APIs right now!

CoinMarketCap API - Best cryptocurrency API -

Coinmarketcap API is the best cryptocurrency API and very popular among the crypto community. It consistently gets good results and reviews. Also, this API is a major source of crypto data. They provide different ways to view and interpret market info and currency trends.

Moreover, it uses a REST API structure and is built with robust API endpoints to ensure high-quality performance and uptime. The number of API calls you can make each month is limited under the free plan.


  • Many ways to assess market trends.
  • Each currency's supply is also tracked in real-time
  • It also serves as an exchange program.
  • Tracks historical market data for crypto since 2013.
  • Collects all cryptocurrency data.


  • More focused on data aggregation than exchange.

Nomics is another large API that has access to over 66,000 crypto currency markets. It is cryptocurrency data API focused.

Users can trade and search for the best prices for each currency. Aside from simple cryptocurrency exchange, the Nomics API allows for the creation of a variety of additional functions. It's great for mobile apps.

You can also create trading bots and strategy backtests to improve results. You can also make this function available to users if you create a public crypto app.


  • Guaranteed uptime reduces user frustration.
  • Fast average response time of only 51 ms.
  • Free version API for personal use.
  • A large historical data library.
  • Tens of thousands of markets are available to you.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Tracking your progress with portfolio valuation tools.


  • The free API plan lacks historical data and customized features.
  • The price for using this API for business is not disclosed.
CoinGecko API - Best cryptocurrency API

CoinGecko is a Crypto Trading API for Developers. It has been in business since early 2014. It provides independent crypto info such as live prices, crypto categories, trading volume, exchange volumes, trading pairs, images, and more to your applications.

All the information you'll ever need is right at your fingertips. It is also the best cryptocurrency API on our list.


  • Completely free crypto API.
  • 50 requests per minute allowed
  • Publicly available & No keys required
  • Data for over 13,000+ cryptocurrencies.
  • 30+ endpoints are coming soon.
  • Great team of crypto specialists providing top-notch data.


  • Anything below daily OHLC requires multiple calls, and hourly requires a call-per-daily period with custom aggregation.
Coinbase API - Best cryptocurrency API

Coinbase API is the best cryptocurrency API for trading calls or price monitoring. The API can act as an exchange API, wallet, or other crypto functions. It's flexible and programmable, so this API can help you create something unique.

The developer suggests you can create new program features with their API. You can connect to other CoinBase wallets.

In addition, you also get historical data that can help you decide which currencies to invest in and when to trade your cryptocurrency.


  • Free historical data is available.
  • Developers make tutorials available to users.
  • Real-time crypto data, alerts & market monitoring.
  • Users' wallets are linked directly.


  • Only four currencies are available.
Cryptocompare API - Best cryptocurrency API

CryptoCompare is also the best crypto API for cryptocurrency tracking. It is a Powerful API with over 4,100 different coins. If you want to create something for a large corporation or firm, use this API. It's also an excellent choice for high-use apps.

They combine an exchange API with a news gathering and historical data hub so the users can always make the correct choices.


  • API is robust with scalable endpoints
  • API handles 800 trades per second, 40,000 calls per second, and news from 50 sources.
  • The market has many cryptos and exchange options.
  • Great for large companies or projects.
  • Fast and consistent results.
  • A free version of the API is available for individual use.


  • Subscriptions that go beyond the free level quickly become expensive.
  • Paid subscriptions are costly.
Bitfinex API - Best cryptocurrency API

The Bitfinex API allows you to use all of the features of the platform. You can create advanced trading strategies using the API. With the API, you can create your own trading system on existing infrastructure.

In the API documentation, you can find information on market data, account data, and placing orders. You should be able to rebuild most of Bitfinex's functionality using their API. It is also our favourite and best cryptocurrency API.


  • Offers a full range of platform interaction functions.
  • Fast market access.
  • Latest platform features are constantly added.
  • Official libraries are available for Python, NodeJS, Ruby, and Golang.
  • API developers can earn rebates by including affiliate links.


  • When auto-reconnect is true, some users can't close WebSocket connections.
Binance API - Best cryptocurrency API

Binance is a free API that uses third-party platforms to allow crypto trading. The API is easy to implement with few issues or bugs, requiring little troubleshooting.

This API offers you access to one of the largest crypto markets, manages your trades, and has a high request limit. The free platform allows 1,200 requests per minute.


  • Free to use & access to a big market
  • API's RESTful structure makes it easy to use
  • Buy and sell via API.
  • Can cancel transactions using the API.
  • High request volume per minute to get the needed data.


  • IPs are temporarily banned if a call, order, or transaction limit is exceeded.
  • Can't scale to more than 1,200 requests per minute.
Kraken API - Best cryptocurrency API

Kraken is the best place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Most digital assets are safe because they are kept in cold wallets. Kraken has security keys and other ways to make sure your money is safe.

Its REST API includes public endpoints (market data, exchange status, etc.) And also the private endpoints that need signed requests (like trading, funding, and user data).


  • Kraken's API is free.
  • Simple to use and suitable for beginners.
  • Wide selection of assets.
  • API is flexible and feature-packed.
  • Buy/sell/send using public and private APIs.
  • Allows managing bitcoin wallets.
  • Get updated exchange rates.


  • Customer service may be too slow.
  • There is no testing environment available.
CEX.IO API - Best cryptocurrency API

CEX.IO's free APIs provide advanced trading tools and it makes it the best cryptocurrency API. You can get real-time market data for analysing, backtesting, and trading.

Moreover, the API can automate trades on CEX.IO's exchange. You can also track trade history and balances to monitor your trading performance.

CEX.IO's API documentation includes several code examples.


  • Free, stable server-based connectivity.
  • Offers 600 requests per 10 minutes but can be increased.
  • Crypto market data in real-time.
  • CEX.IO serves 99.9% of countries and 49 U.S. states.
  • It is simple to integrate with third-party trading systems.
  • API-enabled trade automation and cancellation


  • No support for stop orders.
  • By default, only 600 requests every 10 minutes.

NOWNodes provides crypto enthusiasts and developers with blockchain explorers and full nodes.

It's a reliable solution for crypto entrepreneurs who want to maintain their own network. It allows you can connect to 45 blockchains with just one API key.

NOWNodes lets you scale up large tasks, and their service is checked for uptime 24/7.


  • 40+ blockchain networks linked.
  • Up to 20,000 daily requests with the free plan.
  • Handy backup solution for network smoothness and quality.
  • Reduces infrastructure costs and enables product development.


  • Private and public keys must be generated by the user.
  • Blockchain development knowledge is needed.

Few other prevalent APIs

Kucoin API

Shrimpy API

Poloniex API

How to get started using a cryptocurrency API?

If you're a developer who wants to start using a cryptocurrency API, there are a few things you need to know. First, you'll need to find a reputable API provider. Once you've found, the next step is to create an account and generate an API key.

To do this, you'll need to provide some basic information, such as your name and email address. Lastly, you'll need to choose the right programming language for your needs. Once you've done so, you'll be able to access the API documentation and begin using the API.

Use crypto api - Best cryptocurrency API

The benefits of using a cryptocurrency API

Benefits of crypto api - Best cryptocurrency API

By using the best cryptocurrency API, you can decentralize crypto data and automate many time-consuming tasks. It includes checking prices, balances, and payments. Moreover, a good API provides accurate, up-to-date data. It then helps you make smart decisions for investment.

One of the key benefits of using a crypto API is that it is easy to integrate into your existing system.

For example, you can use a crypto API if you have a website that accepts Bitcoin payments. It helps you to send the payments straight to your Bitcoin wallet. It saves you from setting up a separate payment processor and paying its fees.

The future of cryptocurrency APIs

Large amounts of data are a challenge for crypto APIs. It makes creating efficient APIs difficult for developers. 

Many crypto APIs are still under development. So they may not be as stable or well-documented as other APIs.

Despite challenges, cryptocurrency APIs have potential. They are widely used to develop crypto-based apps.

We're excited to see what the future of cryptocurrency APIs holds. We believe that, with the right tools and resources, they have the power to change the way we interact with cryptocurrencies.

Future of crypto api - Best cryptocurrency API
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Which exchange has the best cryptocurrency API?

Ultimately, the best exchange for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. Some listed exchanges offer very simple and straightforward APIs that are easy to use, while others offer more complex and powerful APIs that allow for more customization.

Is crypto API free?

As each exchange has its own policies regarding API usage fees. Some exchanges do not charge any fees for using their APIs, while others may charge a small fee. Among all the API providers listed above most offer free plans.

What Are The Best Crypto Currency APIs?

The best cryptocurrency APIs offer customizable features and options. Many of the best APIs we listed offer real-time market, historical data, low latency, high uptime, and robust documentation & more.


When it comes to cryptocurrency, there are a lot of different APIs out there. So, which one is the best for your needs? If you need help with basic tasks like sending and receiving transactions, then Coinbase’s API is a good option. But if you need more refined features, then services like CoinGecko or Crypto Compare API might be a better fit. In any case, do your research and choose the best cryptocurrency API, because not all of them are created equal.

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