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Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

If your portfolio includes crypto, you're in the right place. Most medium and skilled crypto traders use multiple blockchains and wallets to store funds. It makes tracking crypto net worth difficult. A crypto portfolio tracker can help you track real-time gains across networks and wallets. 

People who monitor portfolios with multiple crypto coins are convinced to use a tracker to supervise their investments. We'll figure out the best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers for beginners and experts.

What is a crypto portfolio tracker?

Portfolio trackers are a must-have tool for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency investors because they track price changes and investments over time. A portfolio includes an investor's bonds, stocks, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and other financial assets.

Integrate all your platforms with the portfolio tracker to see all your crypto holdings on one screen. When you have all your portfolio data in one place, you can rebalance, take profits, or reserve with confidence. Keeping your crypto assets in a hardware wallet for security is the best way to track its value.

A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker allows the investors or traders in managing crypto asset price fluctuations. It also shows investors how their assets are performing and whether they're in line with their long-term financial goals. With all of these new exchanges, DeFi protocols, and wallets, there is a greater need than ever for crypto portfolio trackers.

Reasons why investors need a crypto portfolio tracker

Do you know why active investors are instructed to use a tracker for their portfolios? Here are a few reasons why having a good financial tracker is essential.

Maintain Portfolio Diversification

Diversification is a well-known principle among investors, and it's easy to see why. When markets experience their typical ups and downs, well-diversified investments are generally protected from major losses and typically generate better profits than poorly diversified portfolios.

Effective crypto portfolio trackers allow investors to flourish out and diversify their holdings without becoming exhausted or losing sight of all their coins.

Know the value of your crypto holdings

The crypto market is growing rapidly. Every minute, the price of each coin goes up and down, sometimes dramatically. If crypto investors need to track more than one coin, it will be tricky to add up your investments on varying crypto exchanges before market prices change and you have to begin again.

If you want to get a great image of the worth of all your various crypto assets before making a big trade, an excellent tracker can help you do so quickly.

Assist in Set - up and Attaining Financial Objectives

One of a crypto portfolio tracker's most important functions is centralizing data. Trackers simplify your financial data.

Once you know where your assets are, where they're going, and how they interact, you can set and stick to financial goals.

Observe Market Variations and Chances

Cryptocurrencies are frequently volatile. Any Bitcoin and Luna followers in 2022 would know. These wild swings, as well as banks and other businesses joining the crypto mainstream, can create hurdles and opportunities for investors.

But you can't use the correct opportunities without knowing the accurate picture of your purchasing power. You can get this view quickly with a powerful crypto portfolio tracker.

So, let's keep track of your crypto portfolio

Keeping track of your crypto portfolio can be challenging. A best crypto portfolio tracker can assist you by incorporating your transactions and wallets and tracking the value of your investments in real-time.

12 Best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

1.   Pionex
Best for automation

Pionex is a fantastic platform for trading cryptocurrency and using bots. It is a notable cryptocurrency exchange that rose to prominence in 2020—since then, grown to become a major and popular exchange backed by fiat currency investment and aggregated liquidity from the most popular crypto exchanges online.

There are 16 crypto trading bots with different strategies and approaches for dealing with market conditions and competing software. The classic Grid bot, for example, is an excellent feature for all-around low-risk endeavors. Thus, managing multiple portfolios becomes easier.

Pionex's specialized trading platform is web-based and works with all major web browsers. The platform is refined yet simple to use, with great features. Overall, Pionex offers us the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.


  • 16 built-in trading bots.
  • Smart Trade terminal incorporates stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing.
  • Pionex accepts bank accounts.
  • Maintains a complete trading order history
  • It's customizable and has live chats.
  • It has TradingView charts, light & dark mode.
  • Accessible as an IOS and android app.
  • Grid Trading Bot lets users buy low and sell high in a range.
  • The 5x leveraged Grid Bot.
  • Martingale bot uses DCA and one-time sales to capture profit fluctuations.
  • Rebalancing bot holds coins.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging Bot repeats purchases to offset volatility.
  • FinCEN approves the MSB license.
Easy-to-use mobile app.

12 Free, no-code trading bots.

40+ cryptocurrencies accepted.
Innovative Binance and Huobi liquidity engines.
US FinCEN MSB licence.
User-friendly platform interface.
0.05% maker and taker fees compared to other major exchanges
There may be withdrawal fees and limits.
There is no demo account.
Accounts cannot be funded with fiat currency.

Maker and taker fees on Pionex are both 0.05 % of trade value. Your fee is deducted from your account's closing balance.

Market Maker requires $300,000 USDT. You can also apply if you have $300,000 in another supported coin or token. Market Maker participants pay 0% in maker fees. Taker fees are 0.05%.

Only the first 10 days of the month are eligible for Market Maker. Low balance disqualifies you from the programme for 30 days.

2.  Coin Market Manager
For active traders

Active trader's best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. Automated journaling and trade analytics to improve trading. Coin Market Manager offers its users a simple way to manage their entire crypto portfolio, transactions, and trades from one place.

It is one of the most effective and best crypto portfolio trackers. It enables easy connection to your preferred exchange, centralized account management, and trade history import. The app connects to ByBit and Binance.

Syncs securely with READ-ONLY exchange API keys. Binance, Bybit, Deribit, BitMEX, Coinbase, Bittrex.


  • Real-time position balances

  • Personal verification pages and custom URLs are available.

  • Keep up with the news.

  • Track crypto performance and market instantly.

  • Per-asset balance history.

  • Rates, wins, losses, and profitable trading times.

  • Customizable trades show performance.

  • All Bitmex positions are available.

  • Automated journaling.

Check deposits, withdrawals, and balances.

Easy-to-use interface
Actionable market insights
One-stop crypto tracking
Simple Statistics
Journaling to improve strategy
Real-time balances and profits/losses
There is no mobile app.

Coin Market Manager costs starts at $49.99 per month. They offer a free trial. See pricing details below.

Coin Market Manager pricing - DCA Profit - Best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker