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Lux Algo Review

On this page, we’ll take you through the Lux Algo review and tell you what it is. Read on and find out why it could be the best indicator for crypto trading.

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The Best Indicator for Crypto Trading

Online trading has experienced what could be termed a meteoric rise in the last few years, especially during the pandemic. With many trading marketplaces, many traders have been looking for ways to make profits not just on forex trading but also on crypto trading. 

Unfortunately, making adequate profits has been a real challenge to most traders perhaps because they do not fully understand the technical analysis indicators that are needed to make profits. This is where Lux Algo comes in: to help in bringing accuracy, clarity, and perspective to the technical analysis of trading indicators.

If you’ve been involved in forex trading, crypto trading, or any other form of online trading, you’ve probably come across the Lux Algo software. Whether or not you know anything much about it, you’re probably wondering; why is it so popular? Is it genuine or just another online scam? The truth of the matter is that Lux Algo is a genuine software that will soon be taking your online trading game to a whole new level.

In this insightful article, we’ll take you through the Lux Algo review and tell you what it is. Read on and find out why it could be the best indicator in crypto trading.

What is Lux Algo?

The Lux Algo is a trading system that aims to offer its users trading signals and indicators that they can use when trading in forex, stock, or crypto. It’s a system that can be used  TradingView.

As a trade or investor, Lux Algo offers you powerful trading tools and education including trading signals, real-time alerts, and indicators that can help you to better determine the market direction, which can then help you make profits.

Lux Algo was founded in 2020 by Alexander Friend and Sean Mack with the main aim of offering clues to online traders. This software claims to have access to trading algorithms and systems that gives you quality data about the market while also removing the hullabaloo that might occur in the market as a result of the messy charts.

In essence, Lux Algo has a built-in algorithm that will analyze the market on your behalf and give you trading signals that you can then use to trade.

Is Lux Algo Safe and Trustworthy?

If you’ve been around these internet shores for a long time, you most definitely understand that there are a lot of platforms and software that are created to dupe innocent users. As an online trader, you of course do not want to fall victim to such scams, so the first question that you’ll ask is; is Lux Algo safe and trustworthy?

As far as Lux Algo is concerned, we’ve done unbiased due diligence and review and can assure you that this system is safe and trustworthy. This, however, doesn’t mean that using it guarantees profits. Instead, it gives you trading signals that not only make your work easier when analyzing trading charts but also improve your chances of making profits.

Additionally, Lux Algo has a rating of 4.3 on Trustpilot after 225 reviews  which is an indication that it’s safe to use this system. Again, you’ve probably gone through various Lux Algo reviews and we bet you’ve not come across the software being associated with anything malicious or suspicious. 

More importantly, more than 35,000 traders place their trust in this software.

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The Real Truth

Would I recommend it to another friend? Absolutely.

 Thank you for creating such a high-quality product and for taking the time to respond to customer feedback."

Glenn Burg

This is the real thing!

"This is the real thing! I've tried a lot of indicators, but none of them work as well as LUX Algo! My trading results have been fantastic! Lux, thank you for your efforts! It's fantastic, and I wholeheartedly recommend it!"

Juan González

Lux Algo Price and Trial

Another important thing to consider when pondering whether or not to use Lux Algo is its pricing. Of course, you shouldn’t expect such a platform to come for free. That being said, this system offers an all-inclusive membership plan that allows you to access all the features of the system once you make the necessary payment.

Pricing is available in three different packages namely monthly, quarterly, and yearly. This will cost you $67.99, $143.97, and $489.99 respectively. You can get discounts on monthly and yearly subscriptions while you can also cancel your subscription at any time.

As far as refunds are concerned, the system gives you a
14-day trial period under which you can receive a full refund if the system doesn’t work for you. You, however, have to keep in mind that Lux Algo has a clear no-refund policy after the free-trial period.

The best part of paying for this subscription is that you can tap into a whole lot of information that will help you as a forex trader, as a broker for financial institutions, and also in your cryptocurrency exchange adventures.

How Does Lux Algo Work?

You’ve probably paid for your preferred subscription but because you’re new to this system, you are perhaps wondering; what now? Well, the next step will be to sign up. 

An email will be sent to you to enable you to connect to your TradingView and Discord account. Once the software is connected to your TradingView and Discord account, you’ll access the trading charts.

The Lux Algo premium indicators will then help you make informed trading decisions by offering very helpful information including real-time data, signals, and alerts. You can also use the Lux Volatility Indicator, which can be customized to suit your preferences.

There are also other indicators such as Lux Oscillator, Candle Color Patterns, Signal Patterns, Support and Resistance methods, Indicator Overlay Patterns, and many more that can help you determine your trading strategies whether short, medium, or long term.

Lux Algo Trading Strategy

As we had noted earlier, the Lux Algo trading system has a built-in algorithm that analyzes the markets on your behalf before sending the trading signals to you. This doesn’t mean that the system will trade for you or will guarantee profits. Instead, all it does is send you the trading signals that you can use to make your trading decisions.

Lux Algo 4.4

As a trader, it’s of great importance that you carefully and thoroughly analyze these signals before using your trading knowledge and experience to take the desired trading position. This system has a Lux Algo v2, which is essentially designed to work on TradingView. All you have to do is set it up based on the trading timeframe or instrument that you desire. For example, you can set timeframes ranging between one minute and one week or instruments such as stocks, forex, indices, commodities, crypto, and more.

Suits your trading goals

The Lux Algo v2 will give you the chance to incorporate your trading strategy. For example, it can be used for swing trading or day trading, as well as the scalping trading strategy. In essence, you can customize this system to allow you to implement a trading strategy and money management plan that suits your trading goals and preferences.

Lux Algo Accuracy

As a trader who has decided to use the Lux Algo system, we owe you our honesty in this Lux Algo review. Although the creators of the Lux Algo system would like users like you to believe that the success rate of using this system is almost guaranteed, this isn’t true. In other words, there’s no 100% guarantee that using the Lux Algo system will make you successful in your trading endeavors. Instead, it just makes your work easier by providing trading signals, which you’ll then have to analyze when making your trading decisions.

With that in mind, you have to keep in mind that the Lux Algo signals will only help you hold trading positions and identify areas where you can make profits, but this isn’t guaranteed. You also have to keep in mind that Lux Algo does not offer automatic trading, so you have total control of your trades as it’s just a system that helps you analyze the market.


To this end, we can confidently note that Lux Algo is a perfect system if you want to take your trading to the next level. This, however, doesn’t mean that using this system will guarantee profits. 

Instead, it helps you in analyzing the markets and offers signals that you can use to your advantage. Of course, you have to have knowledge of the markets, though it can be used by both beginners and advanced traders.

It’s also flexible enough and is compatible with a host of trading platforms but works best with TradingView. It also allows you to use your own trading strategies.

On the flip side, the subscription fee is expensive and there’s no guarantee that using the trading signals provided by the system will lead to profits.

Lux Algo Frequently Asked Questions


Lux Algo is a collection of forex trading tools for TradingView that provides real-time alerts, indicators, and trading signals to help traders make informed decisions based on market direction.

In other words, it provides investors and traders with in-depth analysis and intelligent techniques and powerful trading tools. It targets creating an all-inclusive set of intelligent tools traders can use on the TradingView platform.

The changing trends in the tech industry and financial market mean that traders and investors need to have an updated toolkit to make smart trades. That’s why Luxalgo offers a software suite that enhances traders experience on the TradingView platform.

Lux Algo makes it easier for users to monitor charts by offering user-friendly tools that you can use on any device.

It can predict a pattern formation, give signals for when the best time is to buy and sell, share information about moves made by the gurus in the industry, and much more.

It works on any market globally, including indices, stocks, futures, forex, and currencies. You can use the tools in this software suite to scrap, swing trade, or trade options.

With over 50,000 members, Lux Algo has been helping traders and investors access real-time signals and relevant updates and get automated alerts on market trends.


You don’t need to upgrade to TradingView to use Lux Algo, as the toolkit is designed to work with the basic plan of TradingView.


Absolutely, Lux Algo works on any device, and you can see all real-time data on any device. However, for a better view of charts, signals, and other indicators, viewing the platform from a desktop will give you a more vivid idea of the happenings in the market. Therefore, we would recommend you use Lux Algo on a desktop.


The resources page of Lux Algo discusses over ten innovative market indicators that are carefully designed to help you detect the direction of trends, measure activities of renowned institutions in the market, give measured volatility index on market price variations, and more. Here are the main Lux Algo indicators and support and resistance modes.

Confirmation signals
Contrarian signals
EQ Cloud
Reversal Zones
Trend Tracer
Breakout Zones
Pattern Detection
Auto Trendlines
Trend Projection
Trend Catcher

Although superficially, these may look overwhelming for people with little or no trading experience, Lux Algo makes it easier for you to understand them to help you make smart trades.