There is a good reason why cryptocurrencies are so popular now. They provide a new secure, private, and efficient way to transact and store value. Cryptos are frequently traded on decentralized exchanges and can also be used to purchase goods and services.

The airdrops are a way for new crypto projects to reach more people and give away tokens at the same time. While a few crypto airdrops have become profitable, only a few are worth thousands of dollars. Investors will walk away from this article with a firm grasp of how to get crypto airdrops in 2022.

Top 8 Crypto Airdrops Explained

Below is a list that answers you on how to get crypto airdrops in 2022.

Tamadoge is a famous play-to-earn platform that has recently added its name to the list of well-known crypto airdrops. Tamadoge emerged as the gateway, becoming one of the most publicised meme coins of all time and exceeding the limitations of the Play-to-Earn space to provide a game that people would fight over to use. 

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the Tamaverse's gateway token, through which users will be able to mint, breed, and battle their Tamadoge pet in the metaverse.

tamadoge - How to get crypto airdrops

Tamadoge is giving away $3,000 in TAMA to ten lucky participants. Sign up for the giveaway and earn entries by completing simple tasks. Earn more entries for each referral as well. A total of ten participants will be chosen at random to receive $300 in TAMA.

The platform is also planning a $100,000 giveaway to a specific TAMA token holder. The token holder must have more than $100 associated with the token to qualify for the crypto airdrop.

Tamadoge receives a massive reward for answering the question "What are the best crypto airdrops?" Tamadoge airdrop participants would be required to complete tasks. Users can rely on Tamadoge's Telegram channel for frequent updates on upcoming airdrops by the project.

At last, Tamadoge is a thrilling play-to-earn game with a limited supply of approximately 2 billion TAMA tokens. Using in-game resources, players could feed or buy toys for virtual pets in the game.

Dash 2 Trade is celebrating its presale after raising nearly $7 million since late October, and the company wants to reward investors. This crypto analytics platform and signals provider is holding a presale for its D2T tokens and giving away $150,000 in D2T tokens.

The only requirement for investors to be eligible for the coins is to own at least $150 in D2T tokens at the time of the draw. The giveaway, which ends on February 19, had nearly 18,000 entries at the time of writing, with entries earned by completing various tasks. Investors can increase their number of entries by completing specific tasks. Investors, for example, can tweet about Dash 2 Trade, which is equivalent to 5 entries.

Dash 2 Trade - How to get crypto airdrops

Joining the Discord group counts as one entry; there are a total of ten ways to enter. For transparency, the best crypto airdrops and many businesses use, which precisely tracks highly competitive entries.                 

However, Dash 2 Trade provides additional benefits to investors. Dash 2 Trade assists cryptocurrency traders in improving their results by sending trade setups and allowing traders to use the platform's tools to optimise their trading strategies. Investors can use social on-chain insights to gauge market sentiment, which can result in significant price action, in addition, to buy and sell signals.

Traders can create strategies and test them using the backtesting feature to determine which strategies are the most profitable. According to the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper, Dash 2 Trade also provides advanced technical indicators and on-chain analytics to track whale wallet movements.

Investors can learn more about the Dash 2 Trade giveaway by joining the Telegram channel. D2T tokens are currently available in the third stage of the presale. The first and second stages were quickly sold out, so investors should get their tokens now if they want to be eligible for $150,000 in tokens.

Lucky Block is a project centerd on NFT-based competitions. The presale of the platform's native token LBLOCK was a success. Every Lucky Block competition has a unique NFT assigned to it.

For example, in one airdrop-style competition involving $1 million in Bitcoin, investors could enter by purchasing a specific BTC1M NFT. The draw is held after all of the competition-specific NFTs have been sold, and the tokens are distributed to the lucky winner.

Lucky Block - How to get crypto airdrops

Competition even after the draw, NFT holders continue to receive regular LBLOCK rewards, whic h will appeal to those looking to earn free crypto airdrop. Furthermore, Lucky Block has minted a one-of-a-kind collection of 10,000 NFTs, 25 of which are considered rare.

Those who purchase NFTs from this collection join the Platinum Rollers Club. Each NFT will serve as an entry ticket to a separate draw in which holders will be able to participate in daily airdrop-style giveaways. The platform also allows investors to accept auction bids on the best NFTs.

There are two variations of the Lucky Block tokens. The Binance Smart Chain underpins LBLOCK V1, which is used for gameplay, rewards, and DEX trading. Meanwhile, the Ethereum network serves as the foundation for LBLOCK V2. LBLOCK V1 is used to fuel NFT holder rewards and can be traded on major CEX platforms.

A Lucky Block bridge allows V1 holders to exchange their tokens for V2. The diluted market cap of V1 is nearly $35 million. At the time of writing, the fully diluted market cap of LBLOCK V2 is nearly $2 million.

Investors can participate in the lucky draws by purchasing Lucky Block from Uniswap,, or MEXC exchanges.


Green crypto project IMPT connects investors and businesses committed to environmental sustainability. Investors are receiving $100,000 during IMPT's second presale.

Investors who buy $100 of IMPT tokens and keep them in their wallets at the draw may win. This is one entry, but investors can increase their entries by completing specific tasks. Investors get 10 entries for joining IMPT Discord. 1 entry for visiting IMPT's Instagram.

IMPT - How to get crypto airdrops

9 simple social media tasks can boost investor entries. The giveaway has over 60,000 entries. Investing in IMPT tokens also allows investors to support environmental causes.

To offset their carbon footprint, investors who own the cryptocurrency tokens can burn them once they've been converted into carbon credits. Carbon credits can be minted into NFTs and invested in by investors. More details about the giveaway and the project can be found on the IMPT Telegram channel.

Investors receive tokens for shopping at pre-approved retailers that promote green causes. According to the IMPT whitepaper, a social feature lets users track their carbon footprint and earn points for reducing it.

IMPT - How to get crypto airdrops

Calvaria is a new P2E game with several unique features. It offers $eRIA and $RIA reward tokens. The project is offering early investors a chance to win $100,000 as the RIA token presale sells almost $2 million.

 At the draw, investors need $100 of RIA tokens to win $100,000. Additionally, is hosting a giveaway for this project to guarantee that participants receive full transparency and disclosure. Nearly 160,000 people have entered the draw.

Calvaria - How to get crypto airdrops

First place gets $70,000 from the rewards pool. Second place receives $20,000 and third place $10,000. Calvaria Telegram keeps you informed.

Calvaria gives investors multiple entries for simple social media tasks. A daily retweet and tweeting #calavariagang earn investors 25 entries each. Investors can multiply their entries by completing ten tasks.

Calvaria crypto investors can win tournaments using card strengths and receive rewards. Players can combine cards of the same strength to get higher-level cards by using tokens, according to the Calvaria whitepaper.

Both coins, which have no sales tax, can be used to buy in-game resources. RIA tokens let investors manage the platform. Investors can vote on platform direction.

Notable mentions in the list of crypto platforms that offer airdrops include Battle Infinity. It is a new metaverse game with a bright future in the development of web3 and decentralization. 

Battle Infinity has devised an exciting strategy for capitalising on crypto airdrops. When the game reaches certain pre-defined milestones in its plan, it will provide crypto airdrops. Surprisingly, users do not need to own the platform's native currency, IBAT.

Battle Infinity - How to get crypto airdrops

Furthermore, Battle Infinity has established rewards for activities such as social media following the game. Users can earn $3000 in IBAT crypto tokens for completing their tasks. 

The game intends to announce its upcoming crypto airdrops on its Telegram channel. IBAT airdrops offer users a unique chance to join the metaverse project and discover new possibilities.

CEX.IO is a crypto exchange with over four million users. The platform allows users to buy, sell, trade, and store various cryptocurrencies. 

The exchange is offering Polkadot (DOT) staking incentives of up to $200. Polkadot is getting popular as one of the best altcoins available in the cryptocurrency world, thanks to its cross-chain connectivity, which is especially appealing to developers.

Battle Infinity - How to get crypto airdrops

To be eligible for this airdrop, investors must first open an account on CEX.IO and complete the KYC process. Then they have to purchase or deposit a minimum of one DOT.

The $3,000 in Kusama (KSM) tokens awarded to 20 participants is one of the best crypto airdrops from CEX.IO. An additional two participants will each receive KSM worth $200. Each of the fifteen airdrop participants will receive $100 in tokens.

Copium Protocol is a platform that includes decentralized cryptocurrency mining. Copium Mining is central to the concept. This is a crypto mining company that is registered in New Zealand. The ecosystem's four pillars are the Copium Investor Pass, Copium Coin, Mining, and Staking.

Copium Protocol - How to get crypto airdrops

The Copium Protocol Investor Pass is available as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. 10,000 were created for one of the year's best online free crypto airdrops. In addition, each Investor Pass issued is entered into a prize draw for one of two BTC giveaways.

Investor Pass holders can receive a gas-only Copium Coin airdrop. Investor Pass holders receive 10,000 Copium Coins in this airdrop.

Pass holders can stake their crypto holdings for various predetermined periods on the official platform. This is only available to Investor Pass holders. Pass Holder-only stake rates will yield more than public stake rates, according to the platform. Copium may be one of the best long-term crypto asset to hold since it supports staking

What are Crypto Airdrops?

A crypto airdrop is a method of earning free cryptocurrency from a crypto project. These tokens can be obtained in a variety of ways. An airdrop is usually associated with free cryptos, but this is not always the case. You have to spend time and work on it, or you might have to pay transaction fees. It is, however, possible to participate in an airdrop for free!

How does Crypto Airdrops Work?

Crypto airdrops involve giving tokens to crypto traders in exchange for a small advertising service or by giving them free tokens to put in their wallets. Crypto projects have a limited number of tokens available for distribution to people who meet the criteria. You can gain access to these tokens by completing tasks.

Crypto airdrops can be obtained in a variety of ways. Signing up for an airdrop or performing other actions is usually needed. You can claim the tokens after performing tasks or winning them, or they will be deposited into your wallet.

Types of Crypto Airdrops

Although crypto airdrops are free, likely there are some conditions to receiving them. The type of airdrops available determines whether you are eligible to receive one. The four types of crypto airdrops are as follows:

Standard airdrops

A typical crypto airdrop appears to occur when a Web3 project offers up interested participants online. In such situations, you only need to provide the team with information such as the public address of your cryptocurrency wallet and wait for your reward.

This airdrop gets a lot of attention and hype because it is so easy to get. However, these airdrops are most likely scams, so new users must do their homework before disclosing any personal information.

Retroactive airdrops

Retroactive airdrops give rewards to wallet addresses that have used a certain decentralized app in the past. Typically, projects will take a "snapshot" of the blockchain at varying times to determine who is eligible for these rewards.

Since the rules for these airdrops are only revealed after the fact, you have to keep hoping that the dApp you're using will reward early and faithful followers.

Bounty airdrops

Cryptocurrency airdrops are free, but occasionally you have to work for them. When it comes to bounty airdrops, there are many tasks you must complete to qualify for free tokens. Individuals are often required to promote a new crypto project on social networks to be eligible for a bounty airdrop.

Holder airdrop

You can receive crypto tokens through a holder airdrop if you own a certain number of coins or some other cryptos. A snapshot is used to figure out how much of an airdrop you get. A snapshot of your cryptocurrency wallet is created at a specific time. This time is usually a set date, but it can also be a certain period. You can expect to receive a certain amount of cryptos based on the number of tokens in your wallet.

How to Get Crypto Airdrops?

You need a private crypto wallet to claim crypto airdrops. The crypto airdrop you want must be compatible with your crypto wallet.

Phantom, a Solana wallet, cannot claim an Ethereum airdrop. Solana rewards cannot be claimed with an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask.

New crypto airdrops announcements must be found on trustworthy crypto sites after creating a private crypto wallet. Begin your search with well-known crypto price aggregators such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Scams are harder to spot if the project has a small following. For social media crypto airdrops, choose large ecosystems and strong followings.

Find a safe crypto airdrop and follow the team leaders' eligibility requirements. Subscribe to a newsletter, use a dApp, or post your public address on a project's website.

Using a dApp or holding a specific crypto may qualify you for an airdrop. Complete a crypto project's tasks to receive the airdrop in your crypto wallet on the drop date.

Are Crypto Airdrops Safe?

Many valuable crypto airdrops appear to be safe and secure at first glance, but this is not always the case. Airdrop scams have also been discovered. They steal cryptos or private keys to harm crypto enthusiasts .

Watch out for crypto airdrops, especially those promising large sums. Never give your private keys or connect your crypto wallet to an untrustworthy entity.

Scammers have even deposited crypto assets in fake "airdrop" actions. These airdrop tokens were found to be fake and thus unsellable. To avoid scams, research the crypto project team and what others think.


The list of the top 8 crypto airdrops to look out for in 2022 presented various good examples and insights. Airdrops are vital for determining where users can devote their efforts to project expansion. Crypto airdrops have been portrayed as simple methods for obtaining free cryptocurrency by completing specific tasks. 

An early Web3 user can benefit from crypto airdrops. While some crypto airdrops have become profitable, only a few are worth thousands of dollars. Also, most airdrops are about cryptos, but there are also airdrops where you can get nonfungible tokens. Just like crypto airdrops, NFT airdrops can be organized for promotional purposes. However, when researching these rewards, new investors should temper their expectations. Many projects that promise valuable cryptocurrency airdrops are scams.

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