Learn How to stay up to date on crypto

In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” The same could be said for the crypto markets – if you’re not paying attention, you might miss out on big opportunities. That is because the blockchain technology sector is one of the fastest evolving, with innovations and updates hitting the market almost daily. It makes keeping up with the crypto industry a little overwhelming.

So how do you stay up to date on crypto? Active crypto traders and investors use vital indicators to get real-time updates to stay ahead of the market. Here are some tips to help you follow the latest crypto news and trends. We will also include a few of our favourite resources for keeping tabs on the latest industry news. Let’s get started!

The 10 Best crypto newsletter

In the cryptocurrency world, there is a lot of noise, but not all of it is worth listening to. When it comes to staying up-to-date on all things crypto, it’s important to stick with reliable sources of information. Read below for each best crypto newsletter;

Stay Updated on Crypto Markets - How to stay up to date on crypto, best crypto newsletter -

Cointelegraph is one of the oldest and most respected sources of news and information in the crypto space. It is a great place to learn if you want to stay up to date on crypto.

CoinDesk is another well-established news outlet in the crypto space. They offer a mix of original content and aggregated news from other sources.

Bitcoin Magazine is one of the original sources of information and analysis in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. They offer a mix of original content and aggregated news from other sources.

Crypto News is a relatively new entrant to the scene but has quickly established itself as a go-to source for crypto news and analysis.

5.   The Block

The Block offers the best crypto newsletter with their in-depth analysis and reporting. In addition to the newsletter, The Block also has a podcast where they discuss the latest news and trends. The podcast is a great way to get an even more in-depth analysis of the industry.

CoinMarketCap is the go-to site for tracking prices and market capitalizations for all major cryptocurrencies. If you want to stay on top of the latest price movements, this is an essential resource.

7.  NewsBTC

One of the most popular cryptocurrency news sites, NewsBTC, covers everything from Bitcoin to altcoins. They have a section dedicated to technical analysis, which can be useful if you're trying to predict price movements.

One of the longest-running and most popular crypto media outlets, The Daily Hodl features news, analysis, tips, and interviews with some of the biggest names in the space. They also have an excellent Twitter account that's worth following.

9.  Nomics

The first fully customizable and best crypto newsletter. If you want to stay on top of all the latest crypto news, subscribing to the Nomics newsletter is great. It is one of the best newsletters in the industry for crypto investors and traders.

10.  CoinQuora

CoinQuora news feed is one of the best ways to stay up to date on cryptocurrency. You can find the latest news, insights, and analysis all in one place. The site also has a forum where you can engage with other crypto enthusiasts.

The 10 Best crypto podcasts

In the crypto world, power lies in information.That’s where crypto podcasts come in that help to stay up to date on crypto. 

These informative (often entertaining) shows cover crypto news, price movements, and in-depth interviews with industry leaders. 

To help you find the best crypto podcasts, we’ve compiled a list of 10 shows.

Stay Updated on Crypto Markets - How to stay up to date on crypto, best crypto podcasts -

1.  Unchained

Unchained is a podcast that covers all about crypto, from Bitcoin to ICOs. It focuses on stories of entrepreneurs who are "unchaining" themselves from traditional businesses and building decentralized ones.

2. Let’s Talk Bitcoin!

The LTB Network, hosted by Andreas Antonopoulos and Aaron van Wirdum, this weekly podcast is aimed at educating listeners on all things Bitcoin. They cover everything from technical analysis to interviews with industry experts, and they're always up to date on the latest news.

3. CoinDesk Podcast Network

It is a great resource for all things crypto. They offer a wide variety of podcasts that cover everything from news and analysis to interviews with industry leaders.

4. Unconfirmed

This podcast is produced by Laura Shin, a senior editor at Forbes. It focuses on all things crypto, particularly emphasizing how industries adopt blockchain technologies outside cryptocurrency.

5. Crypto 101

Matthew Aaron hosts the popular and the best crypto podcasts. It features interviews with some of the biggest names in the space, including Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, and Bobby Lee.

6. What Bitcoin Did

Founded in 2017 by Peter McCormack, What Bitcoin Did covers everything from news to interviews with major figures in the space. New episodes come out every Tuesday and Friday and cover a wide range of topics related to Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

7. The Pomp Podcast

It is also one of the most popular crypto podcasts hosted by Anthony Pompliano. In each episode, Pompliano interviews a different guest from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

8. Tales from the Crypt

It is one of the famous crypto podcasts out there for good reason. Hosted by Marty Bent, a former Google engineer, and Matt Odell, a bitcoin entrepreneur, the podcast offers listeners an inside look at the people and stories behind the cryptocurrency industry.

9. Epicenter

Epicenter is a great podcast that covers all things crypto. This podcast includes interviews with industry leaders to in-depth discussions about the latest news.

10. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Among one of the most favoured cryptocurrency podcasts out there, The Bad Crypto Podcast is hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright. They cover the latest crypto news, ICOs, and crypto investing tips weekly.

The 10 Major crypto discord servers

Crypto-related Discord servers are a popular way for crypto enthusiasts to discuss the latest news, projects, and price movements. Many crypto Discord servers specialize in specific topics or regions.

Here are 10 of the best crypto Discord servers that you should consider joining:

Stay Updated on Crypto Markets - How to stay up to date on crypto, best crypto discord -

1. r/CryptoCurrency

This server is affiliated with the popular subreddit r/Cryptocurrency. If you're searching for a large community of crypto enthusiasts to connect with, this is the place for you. In addition, you'll also find a variety of helpful resources, including links to educational videos and articles.

2. Cracking Crypto

Cracking crypto would be interesting to anyone who wants to know how cryptos work. It’s a best crypto discord group known for its accuracy. There are subchannels dedicated to explaining cryptos and blockchain technology. Additionally, the group has multiple channels specifically for crypto signals.

3. MEGA Pump

The MEGA Pump Discord channel is dedicated to “pump-and-dumping” cryptos. Over 100,000 discord members use this group’s trade signals and news channels to make the most of their crypto investments.

You can also maximize your profits from the trading signals it provides and stay updated on the crypto market.


We’ve know how r/Wallstreetbets has gamed the stock of Gamestop. It provides traders with real-time trading information. With over 600,000 members, Wallstreetbets is now the largest crypto-related server on Discord crypto. This subreddit is full of people trying to make money in the crypto market.

5. Larva Labs 

Larva Labs is the first Discord server focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Larva Labs has evolved into the go-to place for NFT trends since its outset as CryptoPunks in 2017. The community is welcoming and eager to help.

6. Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals, created in 2018, is a best crypto discord. This Discord channel gives trade signals based on technical analysis. Its main goal is to help its users make money. They also analyze the market for entry and exit points.

7. Today We Push

The best crypto discord server that is ideal for those who want to stay updated on the latest news. You can also discuss various projects and coins with other community members. This server has over 65000 active members, making it an excellent choice for discussing crypto pumps and dumps.

8. AXION Crypto-Community

It is a quick–expanding Discord channel whose members consider themselves a family. Members of Axion can discuss transactions and investments and receive professional advice.

9. Spacestation 

Spacestation began as an Ethereum-based community where miners could discuss their problems. Now, almost every aspect related to crypto is being discussed. Some subchannels are dedicated to miners, developers, and other crypto topics.

10. Cryptohub 

A beginner-friendly crypto community for gem hunting, IDOs, staking, NFT, trading, and more. The community has crypto-related resources for newbies. They also discuss NFT mints, coin launches, and airdrops.

The 10 Best crypto Twitter accounts to follow

Social media is a major source of crypto trend updates. Here comes Twitter. It is helpful because many accounts tweet about cryptocurrency news and prices 24/7. 

By following these accounts, you can easily keep up with the latest news and evolutions in the crypto markets. Check out the best crypto Twitter accounts below;

Stay Updated on Crypto Markets - How to stay up to date on crypto, best crypto twitter accounts -

1. SushiChef –  @SushiSwap (216K+followers) 

The popular DEX platform SuhsiSwap was started by SushiChef. There is a lot of information on Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Follow the SushiChef if you use SushiSwap to get regular updates and news about the road ahead.

2. Jameson Lopp – @lopp (395k followers)

He is one of the few iconic crypto enthusiasts and the founder of CasaHODL. He publishes great crypto content, its technical innovations, and its role in finance. 

3. Altcoin Gordon – @AltcoinGordon (420k+ followers)

He has one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow, as he frequently publishes technical market analyses.

    4. Mason Nystrom – @masonnystrom (29k+ followers)

    Mason gained experience as a research analyst at Messari, a prominent crypto research firm. He tweets about Web 3 technology, DeFi, and NFTs. Moreover, his research-based tweets frequently discuss the crypto market's development.

      5. Alex Svanevik – @ASvanevik (100k+ followers)

      Nansen is a market-leading NFT and crypto insights firm. Alexis, the CEO of Nansen, shares insightful content related to crypto education on Twitter.

      6. Cory SwanBitcoin.com – @coryklippsten (78k+ followers)

      Cory is the CEO of SwanBitcoin, and he posts nearly every day on this Twitter account about the position of Bitcoin in money markets. He also comments on token prices and discusses finance, money, and business.

      7. Humble DeFi farmer –@PaikCapital(63K+ followers)

      Humble DeFi farmer has one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow if you want to stay up to date about technical analysis on the crypto and DeFi markets. He also gives valuable opinions.

      8. Joe Grech – @JoeBGrech (23k+ followers)

      Joe is head of the crypto at Chiliz. His followers get content based on DeFi, fan and sports tokens, and cryptocurrency markets.

      9. Dan Held – @danheld (572k+ followers)

      Dan works as the director of growth marketing at Kraken, one of the world's biggest crypto exchanges. He posts about crypto education, market analysis, etc.

      10. Layah Heilpern – @LayahHeilpern (222k+ followers)

      Layah has written a book on Bitcoin and hosts a crypto podcast, making her a top crypto Twitter account.

      Few other worths following Twitter accounts;

      Willy Woo – @woonomic (1M+ followers)

      Tyler Winklevoss – @tyler (1M + followers)

      Documenting Bitcoin - @DocumentingBTC (743k+ followers)

      The Crypto Dog – @TheCryptoDog (742k+ followers)

      Barry Silbert – @BarrySilbert (745k followers )

      Peter Brandt – @PeterLBrandt (632k+ followers)

      Michaël van de Poppe – @CryptoMichNL (585k+ followers)

      Best crypto YouTube Channel to subscribe

      A few great crypto YouTube channels can help you stay up to date on all the latest news and developments in cryptocurrency. 

      How to stay up to date on crypto - best crypto youtube channel - 1

      Below are the best ones to stay up to date on the crypto market.

      1. Coin Bureau – Over 2 million people follow the Coin Bureau on YouTube. Guy runs the channel. The videos on the channel analyze digital assets and blockchain projects.

      2. BitBoy Crypto – It was created by Ben Armstrong, aka BitBoy. The channel offers news, altcoin reviews, and bitcoin vlogs. Moreover, it has over 1 million subscribers.

      3. Benjamin Cowen – A great channel to stay up to date on crypto news. The videos include interviews with industry leaders, event coverage, and educational crypto taxes content.

      4. CryptosRUs – The channel is run by crypto traders who post daily videos on the market. It offers in-depth analysis and commentary on current events.

      5. Brian Jung – The channel teaches crypto investing. Brian covers news and technical and fundamental analysis.

      6. Data Dash – Another major crypto YouTube channel is DataDash. Nicholas Merten runs the channel. He analyzes the cryptocurrency market.

      7. Meet Kevin – Kevin is a trader and YouTuber who specializes in altcoins and penny stocks. He also hosts a weekly show called "Crypto Market Live." He discusses the latest crypto news in the show.

      8. Crypto Lark – Crypto Lark focuses on crypto reviews, news, and interviews with some interesting people in the industry. Several helpful guides on mining, investing in cryptos, and more are also beneficial.

      9. Altcoin Daily – If you want daily crypto news, check out Altcoin Daily. They produce high-quality videos on a wide range of crypto topics.

      10. Ivan on Tech – Ivan on Tech provides technical analysis and explanations of crypto and blockchain technology.

      10 Best crypto forums & communities

      Lastly, another great way to stay up to date on crypto is to join online communities and forums. They are focused on specific topics. In these active communities, something new is constantly discussed. Plus, they offer a safe crypto space for beginners to ask questions. Have a look at the best crypto forums we have picked below;

      Stay Updated on Crypto Markets - How to stay up to date on crypto, best crypto forum -

      1. The BitcoinTalk Forum: The BitcoinTalk forum has been around since Bitcoin’s early days. It’s a giant forum where people can discuss Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency worldwide.

      2. Beer Money Forum: It is the best crypto forum to discuss everything about crypto, from newbie questions to trading tips.

      3. Bitcoin Garden Forum: One of the earliest and most active Bitcoin forums, covering mining, development, wallets, exchanges, and other general topics.

      4. Dash Forum: The Dash Forum is the official forum for Dash crypto. In addition to crypto discussions, the forum has mining discussions, development updates, and announcements.

      5. Litecointalk Forum: It’s a great place to stay up to date on crypto Litecoin, from development to innovation diffusion news.

      6.PinoyExchange.com Forum: This is a famous forum for Filipinos, but it is open to anyone. They provide discussion on a variety of topics, including crypto.

      7. Trendri Forum: The Trendri Forum is widely known and the best crypto forum. It covers trading, ICO reviews, wallets, and mining.

      8. Coinexpansion Forum: A go-to spot for all things crypto, the Coinexpansion Forum covers market news, technical research, and more.

      9. CryptoInTalk Forum:  It’s the best crypto forum to stay up to date on crypto news. The community is very active, with new discussions happening every day.

      10. Hard Community Forum: The forum has a highly active user base. It addresses every aspect of crypto assets and blockchain networks.

      Extra fun tips to stay up to date on crypto markets

      Instagram crypto influencers

      Instagram is a great place to find crypto content, though less famous than Twitter. Many cryptocurrency influencers post regularly. 

      Here are some of our favorites: Robert Kiyosaki, CryptoExplorer, Cryptonary, BitBoy Crypto, Irene Zhao, and ShareCrypto.

        Follow instagram influencers - How to stay up to date on crypto
        Attend Events - How to stay up to date on crypto

        Attend events

        Crypto conferences and meetups related to cryptocurrency offer a wealth of knowledge and market insights into what’s happening in the industry. 

        If there’s an event near you, be sure to attend! You'll be able to learn from experts and network with others who share your interests.

        Crypto memes 

        Light-hearted and often humorous, crypto memes are a great way to stay up to date on crypto while also getting a little chuckle. 

        You can find plenty of memes by following some popular accounts on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

          Follow crypto memes - How to stay up to date on crypto
          use hashtags - How to stay up to date on crypto


          Twitter hashtags can keep you up-to-date on crypto. It will show you which tweets are popular and may help you find a crypto expert trader. 

          Some widespread crypto hashtags include: #crypto, #bitcoin, #ethereum, #blockchain and #lastestcryptonews.

            Question mark

            Few frequently asked questions

            Which crypto has the most Twitter followers?

            Binance is the world’s top blockchain ecosystem and exchange. BNB’s Twitter following is 9.2 million. In comparison, Bitcoin has Twitter followers: of 5.4 million.

            Who is the best cryptocurrency analyst?

            Pompliano and Rastani are the best crypto analysts. Pompliano is the industry’s most influential analyst. Pompliano Founders and Partners for Morgan Creek Digital is Europe’s largest digital asset manager. Alessio is the CEO of Leadingtrader and a cryptocurrency analyst.

              Which channel is best for cryptocurrency?

              The best cryptocurrency channels are Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. These three platforms will provide you with the most up-to-date information on what’s happening in the crypto world.

                Bottom line

                The world of cryptocurrency is constantly changing and evolving. Thus, an experienced crypto investor can be an excellent source for you to follow. However, if you want to advance your knowledge, following the tips above, you can ensure you don’t miss out on any big news, crypto updates, or trends in the space. Stay updated and stay ahead of the curve!

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