A Guide to Track your Crypto Portfolio

Searching for how to track my crypto portfolio? The solution is simple: use a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker! A portfolio tracker is a must-have tool for any serious crypto trader or investor. It allows you to track your crypto holdings over time and monitor price changes throughout the day. If you keep your crypto secure in a hardware crypto wallet, a portfolio tracker is the best way to keep track of the value of your digital assets.

Virtual crypto portfolio trackers are a new addition to the crypto tracker world. These virtual trackers enable you to trade in real-time. They are ideal for those who want to showcase their skills through a transparent portfolio or who want to learn from professional traders.

Not sure which tracker to install? Explore and compare the Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers in our list, as well as some pointers to help you find the best portfolio tracker for you.

Firstly, What Is a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker?

A crypto portfolio tracker is an app or website, that allows you as an investor to keep track of the changing value of your various coins to properly manage the portfolio.

Crypto trackers connect with cryptocurrency wallets, allowing users to manage their virtual currencies. Some also allow for integration with real crypto exchange accounts, which let investors trade digital assets.

How to Track my Crypto Portfolio - Best trackers - DCA Profit

short answer to how to track my crypto portfolio is here;

1. Gather Your Data: Start by gathering all the data you need to track your crypto portfolio. This includes the coin names, your investment, and its market value.

2. Use a Crypto Portfolio Tracker: After collecting your data, use one of our recommended portfolio trackers to track your portfolio's changes.

3. Monitor Your Investments: Finally, set up regular reminders or alerts to monitor your investments over time. This will help you track market trends and portfolio performance.

4. Analyze Your Data: After setting up a tracker, you should analyze the data and make adjustments. Use your portfolio performance to decide whether to buy or sell coins.

Following these steps and using a reliable portfolio tracker, you can easily track your portfolio and monitor market changes. It's suggested that investors who trade more than 3 different types of coins use a crypto portfolio tracker for better performance and management.

8 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps

Coinstats - How to track my crypto portfolio

CoinStats' website tracks over $100 billion in cryptocurrency value, has 500,000 exchange accounts linked to it, 100 million transactions and trades, and over a million users.

It offers extensive crypto support, with over 8000 cryptos, 26 exchanges, and 34 wallets. It also offers detailed analytics and transaction information for previous transactions. The charting tools assist users in forecasting and gaining insights into future crypto price movements.

CoinStats Features:

It is compatible with iOS, Android, the web, Mac desktop, iWatch, widgets, Apple TV, the Apple Watch, the iPad App, and the Google Chrome extension.

It allows for API connection and wallet addition from Ledger, Ethereum, Binance, Metamask, Binance, Trust, and 30 other sources. There is no withdrawal access granted.

A cryptocurrency news feed that can be tailored to the needs of the user.

Allows crypto trading from a single platform. 
Buy cryptocurrency with a credit card and fiat to instantly transfer it to a connected wallet. 
API Keys are stored separately from your personal information in an AWS Vault service. 
Audits of the portfolio's security.

Pricing: Free for very limited features, visit CoinStats for Pro and Premium accounts pricing.

CryptoCompare - How to track my crypto portfolio

CryptoCompare is more than just a portfolio tracker; it is an entire crypto ecosystem. The company provides data as a service, content and educational guides, and a price aggregator for the top cryptos and exchanges.

The fact that the CryptoCompare portfolio tracker is entirely cloud-based is a significant advantage. Signing up is free, and there are iOS and Android versions available.

CryptoCompare’s features

From your web-based dashboard, you can keep track of over 5,000 altcoins.
The app provides market data on your favourite exchanges and cryptos.
Available as an app for Android and iOS as well as a web platform.

Pricing: Free

CoinMarketCap - Top crypto portfolio trackers - How to track my crypto portfolio

CoinMarketCap is one of the most trusted crypto price trackers in the world. Investors can also benefit from the company's portfolio tracking service. Even though the platform doesn't have a lot of features, traders on a budget may find it useful.

It also has competitive charting and data tools that can help you plan your future trading activity based on predicted market price movement. Moreover, it allows you to make watch lists, set price alerts, and even learn about cryptocurrency. You can also manage ICO calendars and receive alerts about important ICOs.

CoinMarketCap’s features

It's completely free to use.

Automatic integrations with exchanges and wallets are not supported. You must manually enter all of your transactions into the platform.

Available on the web, Android, and iOS.

The app's CryptoCompare tab lets you chart any two coin's market performance. You can compare their prices, volumes, and market capitalizations over various time frames. 
Receive news directly from trusted crypto news websites and organizations via the app. 
View the value of your crypto holdings in 90+ fiat currencies in real-time (including USD, EUR, JPR, INR, CNY, and others). 
The app displays the value of gold, silver, and platinum in over 90 fiat currencies in real-time.
Use the app in Incognito mode or while logged in.

Pricing: Free

CoinLedger - Top crypto portfolio trackers - How to track my crypto portfolio

CoinLedger is currently used by over 300,000 crypto investors and traders to track their digital assets, generate detailed tax reports, and report capital gains and losses in minutes. CoinLedger reports can be directly imported into your preferred tax filing software, such as TurboTax or TaxAct.

Third-party review sites give CoinLedger high marks. The platform is user-friendly, and customers appreciate our simple dashboard. If you're interested, you can get started right away for free.

Read our CoinLedger in-depth review.

CoinLedger’s features

No need to manually import your cryptocurrency transactions. The platform allows for automatic imports from exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini.
It works directly with blockchains such as Ethereum. Simply enter your ETH wallet address, and the platform will automatically pull in your NFT and DeFi transactions.
Help you generate an extensive crypto tax report with the click of a button when tax season arrives.
Get detailed information about your asset splits, asset locations, asset sources, and most frequently used exchanges and services.
Instantly identify your tax-loss harvesting opportunities, allowing you to save thousands of dollars on your tax bill.
The platform is created for daily crypto investors so, it's easy to use.Has one of the highest Trustpilot ratings for portfolio trackers/tax platforms.

Pricing: Visit CoinLedger website for pricing. 

Delta - Top crypto portfolio trackers - How to track my crypto portfolio

Delta.app is currently one of the most famous portfolio trackers. Nicolas Van Hoorde, the company's founder and CEO, founded it in October 2017 intending to create an easy-to-use crypto portfolio tracking app.

Delta now has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide and is widely regarded as the best portfolio tracker for cryptocurrency.

Delta’s features

Gives you a clear picture of your entire crypto portfolio, including your total portfolio balance and profit/loss since you began investing. View prices in BTC, ETH, or any other local fiat currency.
You can quickly and easily import your transactions using Delta's integrations with multiple crypto wallets and exchanges.
Examine the current price, team information, communications, the most recent trend chart, your holdings, and profit/loss for each asset in your portfolio. If you only want to keep track of certain cryptocurrencies, you can simply add coins to your watchlist.
Get detailed information about your asset splits, asset locations, asset sources, and most frequently used exchanges and services.
You can track your cryptocurrency portfolio by downloading Delta for iOS or Android for free.
It also provides a pro version of its app, which includes additional features such as tracking multiple portfolios across multiple devices.

Pricing: There is a free and a paid version available. Android Early Back costs $70–80 and iOS $60–70 annually.

Coin Market Manager - Top crypto portfolio trackers - How to track my crypto portfolio

Coin Market Manager is a tool for crypto traders that automatically keeps a journal and does analysis. It enables simple connection to your preferred crypto exchange, control of all accounts in one location, and automatic import of trade history with a single click.

It is compatible with several exchanges, including ByBit, Binance, BitMEX, Deribit, BITTREX, and others. Its comprehensive analytics include trade history analysis, performance analytics, and overall exchange PNL. This feature is important to many of its users, making it their preferred crypto portfolio tracker.

It's for whom? Cryptocurrency investors who are serious about their trading and want detailed analytics should consider this portfolio tracker.

Coin Market Manager Features

Automated journaling feature that automatically records trades.
Provides a useful tool to assist you with trading.It has tracking and analytics features to help you keep track of your trading activities.
Supports a personal verification page as well as a custom URL.
This platform supports a wide range of exchanges and assets.
Connecting exchanges and monitoring assets will be a breeze.

Pricing: A free trial of 14 days is available. It has four pricing plans, visit the Coin Market Manager for pricing

Kubera - Top crypto portfolio trackers - How to track my crypto portfolio

Kubera is a portfolio tracker that can be used for a variety of assets, such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is great for modern investors who are tired of having their time, money, and sensitive data stolen by financial tools.

Kubera provides personal balance sheet software and a portfolio tracking app designed to assist you in managing both crypto and fiat accounts concurrently. It is a fantastic cryptocurrency tracker in our opinion.

Kubera’s features

You can add a variety of other asset types from over 20,000 different banks.

Allow for the connection of multiple crypto assets from various exchanges and wallets.

Kubera does support API imports from a few cryptocurrency exchanges, users can also manually enter transactions on the platform.

Assist you in daily, monthly, and annual searches for your portfolio's best-performing assets.

You can also use it to track the value of your cryptocurrency, car, and even website domains.

Pricing: No free version, visit Kubera for pricing. https://www.kubera.com/#price

Crypto Pro - Top crypto portfolio trackers - How to track my crypto portfolio

Crypto Pro first appeared in 2015 as a Bitcoin ticker for the original Apple Watch. Crypto Pro is now a good competitor among cryptocurrency portfolio tracking tools because it allows you to track over 5000 cryptos - whatever you own from them - across more than 120 exchanges. 

Aside from standard value and price tracking per coin and totals, you also get in-depth charting tools to help you decide what, how, and when to trade.

It is available across the entire Apple ecosystem. You can use it to sync your wallets on other exchanges and APIs. It also includes extra storage and iCloud and Dropbox syncing. It also provides users with real-time cryptocurrency news. Unfortunately, it only supports iPhone, iPad, Mac & Apple Watch, and Mac OS devices, with no web or Android versions available.

Crypto Pro’s features

For 90+ exchanges and 180+ cryptocurrency wallets, you can enter manually or automatically.
Support for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, with iCloud sync built-in.
The app's price is always up to date, and there is a Mac menu bar widget for that.
Each device encrypts and stores all user data locally. 

Pricing: The majority of the features are free to use, but APIs and other features require a paid version. A $47.99/year auto-renewing subscription with a seven-day free trial is available for advanced users.

Why do I need Crypto Portfolio Software?

With the mainstreaming of cryptocurrency, there are now numerous different cryptos. Additionally, the value of each is constantly shifting, just like fiat money. The fact that crypto markets are always open for business and are easily influenced by external factors only adds to this volatility.

The more assets you add to your portfolio, especially those that are volatile like crypto, the more time you'll need to devote to crypto asset management. Alternatively, you can find a tool that does it for you.

That tool is a crypto portfolio tracker, which allows you to easily track the movement of your digital currencies and other assets in a single view.

Why is it essential to be able to easily monitor the performance of your assets?

Because it's important to diversify your portfolio to build a group of assets that are always well-balanced and well-diversified, which are two key ways to keep your wealth in good size.

4 Tips to Choose the Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker

The common challenge in the crypto portfolio tracking world today is that there are too many of these tools on the market which makes it difficult to choose between them. Thus, below we will provide you with the info needed to pick the best tracker for you.

1. Integration with Platforms

Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers function by connecting with third-party aggregator APIs. It allows them to connect to various crypto data feeds and display the information you need to track your assets.

The problem is that most aggregators only operate in a few countries and only support a few crypto feeds. This means that not every crypto tracker will function in every situation. As a result, test the tools you're considering to ensure that they function in your case.

2. Level of Security

Crypto is digital money that runs by a "blockchain," which is a decentralized network. No particular organization or authority controls, monitors, or owns this network. It means that it's hard to keep track of who owns crypto. Also, once a transaction has been made, it's almost impossible to reverse it.

But what does this mean for tools that track crypto portfolios? Because portfolio trackers connect to their users' crypto accounts, they must be cautious not to allow hackers to gain access to user logins for a range of financial institutions.

So do check crypto portfolio tracker's websites to make sure they encrypt the data they handle and use two-factor authentication whenever possible. Plus points for trackers that don't even have access to their users' login info and let their trusted aggregator services handle that sensitive information instead.

3. Portfolio Unification 

Diversification is important if you want to keep your portfolio healthy and grow your net worth. Diversifying into different alternative investments, like cryptocurrency, can be good, but it can be hard to figure out how they all work together to affect your portfolio.

Look beyond "crypto-only" portfolio trackers and consider more robust solutions that can unify your current portfolio on the dashboard.

Also, any portfolio tracker that claims to combine your net worth and other important investment info into a single dashboard should convert the value of each asset to your preferred currency in real-time.

4. Usability and Automation

You now know how to track my crypto portfolio, and the main reason people use crypto portfolio trackers is to create a unified dashboard from which they can monitor all of their investments.

Then there's the ease of use via automation, which is essential in a crypto portfolio tracker — from the first time you enter your crypto accounts to every time you use it to check on them in the future.

You should be able to add assets and track their progress with a few clicks or taps of a finger. Typically, automation contributes partially to this usability. There is no need to manually update your assets or their values at this age.

And cryptocurrency portfolio trackers, such as Kubera, have some level of automation. It is also a good tracker for investments in multiple currencies.


To clarify, here are some frequently asked questions about cryptocurrency portfolio trackers.

How do I keep track of my crypto portfolio?

It can be difficult to keep track of your crypto portfolio, especially if you have assets spread across multiple exchanges or wallets. A crypto portfolio tracker can assist you by connecting with the exchanges and wallets you use and tracking the value of your holdings in real time.

Can I create my crypto portfolio tracker using Excel? 

It's very challenging to account for minute-by-minute changes in your crypto portfolio on Excel due to the market's extreme volatility.

What is the best crypto portfolio tracker? 

While investors have a variety of options, more than 300,000 investors trust CoinLedger's portfolio tracking and tax reporting platform because it has received positive reviews on independent review sites.

Are crypto portfolio trackers safe? 

The majority of crypto portfolio trackers only need read-only APIs, so they can't execute trades or make transfers. Platforms like CoinLedger use best-in-class security practices to keep your data safe.

Should you upgrade your crypto portfolio management software?

For a better user experience, many free portfolio tracker programs offer helpful add-ons. Before upgrading to a paid pro version, you should try out the free or basic version.


Now you know how to track my crypto portfolio. This tutorial covered the major crypto portfolio trackers on the market and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Along with standard trading apps and platforms, we listed tools that people can use separately to track assets.

As with any investment strategy, it is important to do your research and try different options available to ensure that the portfolio tracker you choose is secure, reliable and user-friendly.

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