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Market Cipher Review 2022

Increase profits by accurately predicting the movement of cryptocurrency prices. Market Cipher is a tool that provides some of the best indicators.

market-cipher-review 2022

Review of the Ultimate Market Cipher

When it comes to trading in cryptocurrencies, stocks, or foreign exchange, the importance of using the right indicators can never be downplayed. As a trader, you want something that gives you a real edge, and this is exactly what indicators bring to the table.  

Market Cipher is an ideal choice for those seeking an analytical edge in the cryptocurrency marketAn analysis of the market can be carried out with the assistance of the appropriate indicators. In addition to this, it is important to gain an understanding of the direction that the price of cryptocurrencies or forex will take in the future.

In essence, these indicators use technical analysis to assist you to predict the movement of the prices of cryptos with greater accuracy, which in turn leads to greater profits. One tool that gives you some of the best indicators is known as Market Cipher.

In this market cipher review, we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know about Market Cipher. Although Market Cipher has proven to be profitable for traders across various platforms, you should go through this review before you make a final decision. That being said, read on and find out whether it will work for you.

What is Market Cipher?

Marketcipher is an all-in-one set of trading instruments and indicators, especially for crypto traders but can also be used in analyzing stock and forex markets. Market Cipher, like many other products in the cryptocurrency world, is priced competitively with top-tier analysis products.

It works like any other trading indicator and facilitates the aspects of complex analysis. These indicators use various methods and systems to analyze and interpret the signals of various financial indicators on a candle-by-candle basis to inform traders on whether to buy, sell, or hold on to their coins.

This trading indicator or tool is also designed with what is known as Market Cipher Risk Calculator to help you in minimizing risks while increasing profitability.

This means that it helps traders in minimizing or removing almost all uncertainties, particularly when calculating the perfect entry amounts. As a trader, this is of great importance in the sense that it helps you in risk management.

Continue reading for more information on the Market Cipher Review.

Who Created Market Cipher and Who is It For?

Cryptocurrency traders have been fighting an uphill battle when it comes to trading coins in the volatile crypto markets. That's why @cryptoface created Market Cipher, a platform with customized indicators that give them an edge and help turn small portfolios into large ones!

Given that doing analyses and knowing when to enter or exit a trade is one of the most challenging parts of trading, cryptoface and his team wanted to make it a lot easier for crypto traders by doing the heavy lifting and this is exactly what this trading tool does.

So if you’re a crypto trader who has been looking for the right trading tool to take your trading to the next level, this is the best tool for you. We, however, have to emphasize that this is an advanced indicator that simplifies your trading but does not necessarily guarantee profits, so you should only risk what you’re comfortable losing.

Is Market Cipher any Good?

As a crypto trader, you’re probably wondering; is Market Cipher good for me, and can it help me make even more profits? Well, before even going into the details in this market cipher review, it is good for you and your trading in so many ways. 

If you’re like most traders, then you should be looking for a tool that’s very easy to use and read. Its indicators will easily help you in identifying the right trading entries and exits, and these are the best strategies if you want to make reasonable profits.

For example, the signals will change color depending on the levels of risks so that you can know what to do at that particular moment and this is something that most traders appreciate.

Again, Market Cipher is a crypto trading tool that brings forth over three decades of trading experience, long before Bitcoin and the general cryptocurrency world became a thing.

It also combines dozens of trading indicators and strategies, which makes it a very comprehensive trading package. You’ll also love the fact that it does most of the heavy lifting and leg work. This is because it interprets all the necessary data, thereby giving you various symbols that will guide you on how to trade.

In addition to giving you an edge in a very tumultuous crypto market, Market Cipher plays a critical role in calling every top and bottom, thus warning you of any price traps.

That being said, Market Cipher is undoubtedly the single best most versatile trading indicator that’s designed for crypto traders.

What Does Market Cipher Do?

Now that you've read our market cipher review and seen what it has to offer, you may want to know what it can do for you as a trader in a bear market. It provides a detailed package of customized indicators developed over many years.

Market Cipher assists you in making good trades and investing a decent amount of money at the right times. This tool is essentially an investment manager that combines various traditional analyses with modern cutting-edge technology to give you an edge when trading.

In essence, Market Cipher combines various indicators that help you in analyzing the market while giving you hints that can take your trading to a whole new level.

In addition to this market cipher review, we will explain how to learn and master it effectively. Continue reading below

How Do I Learn Market Cipher

This trading tool offers what’s known as Market Cipher Academy, which is not only essential in having a good understanding of how the tool works but also helps you in having a successful trading strategy. 

This tool now offers traders both private and group lessons that can help you get the best of the tool itself. 

More importantly, Market Cipher’s educators are professionals who are thoroughly trained to help you understand both the basics and the technical analyses that you’ll probably never learn anywhere else.

What is the Cost of Market Cipher?

Let's look into the cost further in our market cipher review. Despite being a proven crypto trading, the major downside of using Market Cipher is its price. It is priced competitively to top tier analysis products.

Even though there are competitor trading tools that charge affordable amounts, Market Cipher will set you back $1,500 for a lifetime package, which is quite expensive, to say the least.

The other option is the professional plan, which will cost you $600 per month for a 12-month subscription. These payments can be done either through credit card payments or Bitcoin 

Both the professional package and lifetime plan offers the same benefits, so the difference only depends on how long you want to use the trading tool. 

For example, the Professional Package can be ideal if you want to trade for say a year while the Lifetime Package would be ideal if you want to use the plan for life.

How to Get Market Cipher for Free

As we’ve just noted, Market Cipher is one of the most expensive crypto trading indicators out there. It is a certainly game changing tool, and it is easily the best investment you will ever make. Although it will take your transactions to the next level, not many traders will feel comfortable spending such an amount on a trading tool. But because Market Cipher doesn’t have a free version, you might be wondering, is there a way of getting Market Cipher for free?

Well, there’s no proven way to get Market Cipher for free unless you buy an affiliate link from somebody who has the license and he/she doesn’t charge you anything. The idea here is that Market Cipher automatically registers you as a reseller when you purchase this trading system. This means that you’ll be given a unique affiliate link, which you can then use to resell the platform.

But for a trading tool that will almost guarantee you almost 3.5% yields for the next 30 years or so, you shouldn’t have any problem investing $1,500 for a lifetime license. In essence, investing $1,500 in this game-changing trading tool will probably be the best investment you’ve ever made. Continue reading to learn more about the Market Cipher Review. Besides that, also read our Lux Algo Review and market cipher review to find the best option for you.

Market Cipher vs Lux Algo

If you, however, still feel that Market Cipher is way beyond your budget, why not try Lux Algo. This is also a powerful trading tool almost on the same wavelength as market cypher but a cheaper alternative.

Just like Market Cipher, Lux Algo is a powerful crypto trading tool that’s designed with built-in algorithms to analyze the crypto market on your behalf and offer you exchange signals that you can use to trade for profits.

Despite this similarity, the main difference between Market Cipher and Lux Algo revolves around pricing. In other words, Market Cipher is costlier then Lux Algo.

So if you feel like you can’t afford to buy Market Cipher, then you’ll still be in a better place going for Lux Algo. This is because they’re both powerful crypto transactions tools that are not only advanced but are also based on AI and machine learning to take your trading to the next level.

Market Cipher Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add Market Cipher to TradingView

As a trader, you’ve probably decided that you’ll be using Market Cipher as your go-to crypto trading tool. Although this is a good step forward, you’ve probably learned that you have to create a TradingView account and you’re wondering why! Well, you can only access Market Cipher through TradingView.

As such, you’ll have to first create a free account with TradingView but we do recommend that you at least get the pro plan of it so that you can perfectly use Market Cipher thanks to more advanced features on the pro-TradingView.

In other words, the Market Cipher TardingView combo is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of using such a powerful crypto exchange tool.

To add Market Cipher to TradingView, you’ll first have to create an account. You can then register an account on Market Cipher. Keep in mind that the info that you provide on Market Cipher doesn’t have to match the info that you filled in on TradingView.

All you have to do is choose your username on Market Cipher wisely because you won’t be able to change it later. You can then purchase Market Cipher plan. Once you filled in all the info, you’ll receive a “thank you message” to confirm if it’s successful. 

You should now go back to the TradingView and you’ll see all the Market Cipher indicators on the right side of the page and you’ll be good to go. If it isn’t working, then you’ll have to delete all the indicators and reset all the charts. 

You can then log in to your already-created TradingView account with the username that you provided when purchasing Market Cipher. You can then navigate to the “Indicators and Strategies” library. While here, look for the “invite-only scripts” folder where you’ll see Market Cipher A, Market Cipher B, Market Cipher DBSI, and Market Cipher SR.

If you can’t see or access the above-mentioned “invite-only scripts” folder or the Market Cipher indicators, then you’re probably logged into the wrong account or might have misspelled your username when purchasing Market Cipher.

 In such a scenario, you should edit your TradingView username on Market Cipher on setting and it’ll automatically update the right username on Market Cipher’s system.

You have to keep in mind that there are different TradingView indicators to consider, so you have to choose the one that works best for you.

How to Use Market Cipher Indicators

One of the most important things that you should know as a trader is how to use Market Cipher Indicators.

No matter which package you purchase, Market Cipher comes with four well-known indicators namely Cipher A, Cipher B, Cipher SR, and Cipher DBSI (Dual Band Strength Index). 

Let’s briefly go through these indicators to give you ideas on how they work.

Market Cipher SR

 Market Cipher SR is a very useful tool that you should have in your toolkit for day trading. This is a day trading Market Cipher strategy that’s designed for an hourly timeframe. 

Based on the powerful VWAP indicator, this can help you know your environment and whether to trade long or short. 

This indicator is important in the sense that it provides you with regular indicators on whether to enter or exit the market. 

This is possible thanks to its daily reset mechanic that accounts for intraday volatility.

Market Cipher A

Cipher A was devised to project symbols that correspond to different indicators, nullifying the requirement to manually analyze each bullish or bearish cross. 

This indicator is designed with 8 different EMA ribbons that can change color depending on the trends in the bear markets and bull markets. 

These are important in giving you the visual cues of what could happen in the market based on the analyzed trends. 

For example, a blue or white ribbon indicates that the market is bullish while a grey ribbon indicates that the market is bearish. In essence, these ribbons are so many but they play a vital role in helping you detect market trends that can help you take sound market actions.

Other EMA ribbons to look at in Cipher A include:

* Yellow/Green Diamond - The continuation of bullish

* Red Diamond - A particular trend is fading or becoming weak

* Red X - A bearish indicator

* Green Circle - A bullish indicator

The Green Dot/circle on Market Cipher A is a reliable uptrend indicator for time frames of six hours or longer.

* Blue Triangle - A trend is losing momentum and is a trend reversal indicator.

Market Cipher B

Market Cipher B revolves around combining multiple oscillators into one. Although it may look chaotic and confusing, all you have to do is pay attention to the waves. 

Market Cipher B projects a "Green Dot," that will assist you in anticipating bull market dips. Also, it aids in temporarily exiting shorts in bear markets. The Green Dot is usually informed and accompanied by intense sellers.

Here are a few momentum indicators to look at.

* Blue waves - A primary indicator also known as a momentum wave

* Green dots - Green dot represents that prices are becoming higher so you can use them as either entry or exit points

* Yellow waves - Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and a great indicator for shorter time frame trades

* Floating dots above and below the blue waves - Green at the bottom indicates buy moments while red at the top indicates sell moments

* Green and red waves - Green indicates money flow inwards, while red represents money flow outwards.

* Blue/Purple line - Blue indicates Stoch RSI is low so you should buy while the purple line indicates Stoch RSI is high, so you should sell.

Market Cipher DBSI

The Market Cipher DBSI indicator is essential in measuring the momentum in the market, thereby showing whether the bulls or the bears are winning in the market. The red and blue circles are also important symbols to notice. Some of the signals that you should be aware of include:

* Red - Sell signal

* Blue - Buy signal

* Orange X - A market battle between bulls and bears

What is the Best Market Cipher Strategy?

Although the above-described Market Cipher indicators are all important, the best Market Cipher strategy is without a doubt, Cipher B. This is because it is where you’ll always make most of your trades.

 It also brings forth five algorithms that are all fine-tuned and smoothed to give you optimal analysis and trading results.

That being said, Cipher B is great when you trade on small timeframes and can also be ideal for those profit-making large swings in the market. Read pros and cons also in this market cipher review, given below.

Pros and Cons of Market Cipher

Let’s briefly look at the pros and cons of Market Cipher


Gives you an analytical edge in the crypto market
Offers very simple strategies for trades
You can easily read price movements
The indicators can take your dealings to the next level
The VWAP indicator is superb for short time frame trades
Customized indicators created expertly 
The exchange cues are visually great


Very expensive

In Conclusion

When it’s all said and done, there’s no doubting the fact that Market Cipher is arguably the best crypto trading tool out there. The trading indicator for ultra-precise entry and exits.

Designed to do the heavy lifting for you, Market Cipher analyzes the markets on your behalf. It interprets the data and gives you vital signals that will guide you in your trades. 

As such, it gives you an edge in a very volatile crypto market with the main aim of ensuring that you make profits in your trades. This was all about the Market Cipher Review, a well-known day trading tool.

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